What’s Your Emoji Spirit Animal?

By Daniel Colasimone
2nd Jun 2015

Emojis, as they say, are windows to the soul.

A single digital image of some bunny ears, for example, is able to convey more than a novel or an epic poem ever could.

The predilection to certain symbols also reveals an awful lot about the person who sends them.

Which emoji do you most often use in your messages? Think about it carefully. Go back through all your emails or the messages in your phone if need be and take a tally. Then read below to find out what your favourite emoji says about you.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal


You are the kind of person who cries at least twice a week. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are 90 per cent cute animals and babies. Most people don’t know you carry an Italian Stiletto Switchblade at all times and have never lost a knife fight.

what's your spirit emoji


You are one of the great characters of the modern age; fun to be around, a jovial back-slapper who is absolutely not to be trusted.

what's your spirit emoji


You are clearly ‘the cool one’ amongst your group of friends. You’re Joey Tribbiani. You’re the Fonz. You’re Mitch Buchannon. You’re Beyonce. 

what's your spirit emoji


Your use of an overly cheery emoticon is an attempt to hide something extremely dark inside you. Whatever your sinister plan is, it involves human misery and calamity on a catastrophic scale. 

what's your spirit emoji


You have had your heart broken too many times. Like hip hop artist Drake, you are so accustomed to being in a state of perpetual suffering that anything good that does happen to you feels as though it is only temporary, or some cruel mistake. Will you ever find true love? Probably not. Should you stop trying? I would say yes.

what's your spirit emoji

Blowing A Kiss...

You have such a bangin’ body that if Paul Gauguin were alive today he would want to spend his whole career painting you naked. 

what's your spirit emoji


You’re the kind of person who, if told you could have any car in the world, would choose a Toyota Yaris because it’s fuel efficient and easy to park. 

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal

OK Hand...

The best thing about you is that you know when to hold ‘em. You also know when to fold ‘em, when to walk away and when to run. And you have great hair.

what's your spirit emoji


You know how your friends tell you it’s time to tone down your party lifestyle and concentrate on furthering your studies/career? They are completely wrong. They will all be washed up in 10 years and you will still be an absolute boss.

what's your emoji spirit animal


Your creative sense of humour has more than a touch of genius to it. As far as visual humour is concerned, you are the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of the field. The subtle sting of your wit is far too refined for most of your contemporaries to even fathom. Future generations will get you, though.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal


Your inability to cry in real life puts you right at the ‘unhinged’ end of the personality scale. And that stuff you do with cactus plants is just plain sick. It’s cute and funny when you sob with emoticons though!

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal


If you haven’t slept with your boss yet, you will by the end of this financial year.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal

Thumbs Up...

Police are about to find out about that thing you did a while back. If I were you I would clear out your bank accounts, buy a Harley and hit the open road. Don’t even look back.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal


You probably say ‘expresso’, ‘could of’ and ‘it’s a doggy dog world’.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal

Two Girls Dancing...

For you and your friends, the weekend starts at about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon and runs through till Monday night. If Universities gave out degrees for getting munted you would have your doctorate by now. The last time you remember not being hungover was back in primary school.

What's Your Emoji Spirit animal

Cool Dude...

There is a chance you haven’t realised it yet, but you actually have the power to cast spells like those crazy chicks on Charmed. 

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