Where To Eat, Drink Beer & Catch All The Best Pokémon In Brisbane.

By Rachel Lay
15th Jul 2016

Pokemon Go Brisbane

If you aren’t playing Pokémon Go we have some questions for you. Firstly, where have you been? Secondly, how is life under that rock? And thirdly, why not? Do you hate adorable, tiny pocket monsters? If you have, however, been playing Pokémon Go, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

Given that our obsession with food, coffee (and beer) and Brisbane in general has been over taken with our new found obsession for Pokémon Go we thought it was only fair to combine the two. So, dear Pokémon lovers, we present you with the best places to chow down whilst you catch ‘em all. You’re welcome.

~Pokémon theme plays in background~ Now, let’s do this

Newstead Brewing Co | Newstead

Newstead is home to some pretty great Pokémon. There’s Evees, Squritles and a rumoured Charizard about so why not pop in to Newstead for a cold one and some perfect wings to whet your whistle post catching ‘em all. There’s also a Pokémon station here too, so you can replenish your poke ball stash after wasting all your balls after too many beers.

The Jetty | South Bank

Southbank is the hub of Pokémon, gyms, and poke stations. Fact. So if you’re going to be out there all day draining your battery, being the best you can whilst filling your Pokedex you might as while do it from the comfort of one of Brisbane’s tastiest eateries. Enter, The Jetty. Because surely there’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked Wagyu whilst admiring your bulging pokedex?

Mt Coffee | Newstead

Newstead’s Mt Coffee has it all. Great coffee, great staff and great cookies. So great, in fact, that Pokémon have been known to call the inside of the cafe home. And there’s a poke station right outside too. Double win?!

Let Minnow Café | Clayfield

Aside from having some great puns, Let Minnow Café have some great Pokémon on deck too. Since the site used to be an aquarium there’s an abundance of water Pokémon in the café, so don’t be alarmed when a Magicarp flops out on your table—just be alert. While you’re there order the classic eggs and go crazy with additions (they’re the best part!)

The Gentlemen’s Club On Little Edward Street | CBD

Don’t ask questions, but this place is a gold mine for Pokémon.

Charlie’s Fruit Market | Everton Park

Everton Park has gone Pokémon crazy, so we figured what better place to catch Pokémon than at Charlie’s Fruit Market where you can walk around and thus cover more ground?! You can also grab a smoothie or bowl from Charlie’s Raw Squeeze while you’re there so you’re getting your sustenance in too. 

Motto Motto | Mt Gravatt

Mt Gravatt is a cesspit of Pokémon activity—they’re everywhere, we tell you. So, we figured why not pop into Motto Motto, grab some delicious chicken karaage (we have SO much to thank the Japanese for!) and hunt for Pokémon as you explore the area. It’s a win-win situation, really. 

Griffith Uni | Secret Trees Coffee

Secret Trees is right next Griffith Uni, one of Brisbane’s biggest Pokémon hunting grounds, so it makes perfect sense to hole up for a coffee and mega-cute cake here. Their drink offering is almost as cute as the Pokémon who call this neck of the woods home; we’re talking drinks topped with fairy floss and rainbow cakes people.

The Gresham | CBD

The Gresham is the perfect place to down your sorrows as you waste all your pokeballs on a f**king Zubat, or your Squirtle escapes or even just lamenting the fact your phone has been drained of all battery. Plus, you won’t feel like such a child when you’re in a super old building, it’s science. There’s also rumoured to be a Snorelax in the city, you guys.

The Brass Barrel | Paddington

There's pokestops a plenty here at The Brass Barrel, plus there's a state school near by so Pokemon froth this area. Sit back an enjoy an epic burger (pictured) while you watch as your pokedex grows. Plus, these guys do a delicious gin cocktail with gummi bears so you can drown your sorrows when you waste all your pokeballs on another bloody Zubat. 

Locavore | Woolloongabba

The holy grail of cafes, Locavore does epic ethical, local fare and a 10/10 coffee PLUS there's a pokestop out the front! Doduo's, Pidgeotto's and Eevee's rate this place too, so stay alert people. 

Boggo Road Gaol | Dutton Park

Bogga Road is home to not only spooky ghosts, but a crazy selection of rare pokemon too. There's at least 8 pokestops within the gaol grounds and the Old Watch Tower is gym - did someone say ghost AND pokemon hunting?!

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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