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Plucking Great | Where To Go Fruit Picking Near Brisbane

By Shannon Coward
3rd Apr 2018


There’s just something about picking your own fruit directly from the vine that speaks to the food lover in all of us. Soaking up some Vitamin D, getting your hands dirty and still being able to chow down on some seriously fresh (and healthy!) produce while saving a little bit of money just sounds like an experience too good to be true.

Luckily, that is definitely not the case living in SEQ (aka Australia's fruit basket); pick-your-own fruit opportunities abound in and around Brisbane. Swat up on the ultimate guide on where to go fruit picking near Brisbane. You’ll just have to promise to send us a punnet (or two) from your spoils as recompense...

Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm

Located only a short jaunt south of the CBD, Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm offers that coveted picking experience for a solid three month window. Chambers Flat is open to eager pickers during August, September and October and due to its large grounds you’re pretty much guaranteed to walk away with a bag of strawberry-shaped goodies. The farm itself is surrounded by native bushland, meaning you can combine your fruit picking adventure with a much needed getaway from the concrete jungle. Can’t wait until August to visit Chambers Flat? The farm is open all year round and its shop is low-key famous for dishing up handmade strawberry ice cream created directly from the farm’s star product. Or, you could just buy a punnet of Chambers Flat strawberries, pick up a bottle of bubbly on the way to your nearest park and enjoy one killer picnic. The choice is yours, friends.

McMartin’s Farm

McMartin’s Farm, located only one hour north of Brisbane in Bli Bli, is that rare gem that is so much more than just a farm. Apart from offering up the chance to pick massive, juicy strawberries directly from the vine, McMartin’s also doubles as the best local eatery you never knew existed. McMartin’s farm lets you pick strawberries between June and October. But, if that’s not enough, you could always pop in to the on-site store for a scoop of gourmet ice-cream, jam or even a classic Devonshire tea, all made using the strawberries grown literally around you. Here’s what we’d do: start with picking as many strawberries as you can at McMartin’s Farm, buy a tub of fresh strawberry ice cream and then set yourself up on the golden sand of Marcoola Beach for one epic Saturday afternoon. 

Rolin Farms

Rolin Farms is the strawberry-picking spot of choice for those who love a cheeky weekend getaway. Located moments from the Glass House Mountains, you can easily combine a quick berry-picking jaunt with some stunning views over the Sunshine Coast. Rolin Farms is open from June until October for berry-picking, but the team behind the farm aren’t content to just stop there. Rolin Farms also happens to have a store selling ice-cream and jam, multiple orchids made for taking an epic photo in and they even open up their gorgeous property for weddings, children’s parties and lunches. It also just so happens to be the closest proper pick-your-own fruit farm to Brisbane. Time to gather the squad and organise a berry-picking road trip followed by a group lunch in the middle of a strawberry patch? 

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields has to be the most iconic pick-your-own strawberry farm known to us city-slickers. Located an hour’s drive north of Brisbane in Palmview, the exact dates Strawberry Fields is open for picking changes every year, so make sure you keep your eyes glued to their website here. In the meantime, the Strawberry Fields team will be busy making the most of their drool-worthy berries by creating a vast assortment of strawberry-inspired goodies, including jams, ice-cream, candles, soaps, slices and sauces. And let’s just say, you haven’t lived until you’ve created the perfect Zen moment in your home with a strawberry-scented candle from Strawberry Fields. Seriously, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Just don’t forget to pick up a strawberry shortcake or four while you’re there to really top off the trip. 

The Longan Farm

Not the biggest strawberry fan? Don’t worry, there’s ample opportunity for non-berry related picking at The Longan Farm. The Longan Farm specialises in, you guessed it, longans, a tropical fruit that belongs to the same family as the lychee and is popular across South East Asia. Located in Narangba, The Longan Farm is open for picking during longan season, which is typically around February to April. They’re not open every weekend so you’ll have to check their Facebook page every week to see if you can head out to the farm, but we promise the journey will definitely be worth it. The Longan Farm prides itself on being a fully operational commercial farm that is all about that authentic farm atmosphere. The price for your longan haul is based on their weight per kilo and there are plenty of grassy areas to kick back and enjoy your fruit on after a hard day’s work. Non-berry lovers, we told you you wouldn’t have to sit this one out.  

Jarvis Fresh Strawberry Farm

Okay, okay so the Jarvis Fresh Strawberry Farm is more of a place to pick up direct-from-the-farmer strawberries than it is a picking spot but if you’re lucky - and you get in quick - the farm does open itself up for DIY picking opportunities. Located literally in Brisbane’s backyard, in Rochedale, the Jarvis Fresh Strawberry Farm has a dedicated pick-your-own strawberry patch and once it’s picked clean, you’ll just have to settle for buying a punnet directly from the farmer. Picking at Jarvis is usually a one day only affair where you’ll battle against the keenest fruit pickers our fair city has to offer, but the rewards are 100% worth it. Think massive, juicy strawberries as fresh as you can get—and you can be back at home in time to work on your couch groove while you chow down on your haul. Now that’s more like it.

In other news, you can now combine coffee with plant shopping at this Brisbane café fave.

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