Where To Workout in Brisbane This Winter

By AJ James
12th Jul 2015

While those winter mornings hold many delights—doonas, adult snuggles, cups of tea and dressing gowns all naturally included, it does however hold some heavy drawbacks.

There’s the whole darkness until 6.44am thing to contend with, the chilliness in your bones, and the looming threat that if you do leave the safe confines of your bed, your feet might well fall off as they brave the refrigerator your bedroom floor morphed into while you were sleeping.

And, while that extra amount of time beneath the doonas might seem the better option, particularly as your iPhone beeps incessantly through the darkness and you struggle to locate it to swipe for that much favoured snooze, it pays to remember what a fellow newspaper reader told me this morning as I sat down feeling a little knackered post a rather laborious lagree class—“Summer bodies are made in Winter.”

No shit. But yes agreed. For the more you sleep in winter, the saggier your booty is going to be when it warms up… But getting up to avert that saggy booty? That’s going to take serious willpower and somewhat of a plan.

It’s called the “three times winter commitment” (I made it up, and yes, the title needs work), but essentially it’s the commitment to doing any three of the below outlined highly vigorous but result promising activities, throughout those dark mornings.

You do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and, come Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, you rest, rich with the comfort that you got up yesterday and will again tomorrow. 

But for now, you’ve got that extra hours to burrow deeper into your doona, and maybe sneak in an adult snuggle or two before the 9 – 5 approaches. 

The Fitness Philosophy

West End & Hawthorne

You might remember The Fitness Philosophy from our cute-as how to get a sexy toosh guide, but it’s not just about butts for this crew. Despite the outdoor location (sometimes you just have to face your fears head on, okay) The Fitness Philosophy is one of the best ways to get your body moving, stay fit and be more motivated to keep going throughout the colder months. Andrea, the lovely owner of TFP is runs classes throughout the week in both West End and Hawthorne specifically designed for women only and to burn fat like nothing else. Combined with a healthy diet, you won’t be seeing any pesky bulge this winter!  

Brisbane Boxing

West End

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we love Brisbane Boxing at TUL. Do three of their classes a week, or mix them up with two other options, and you’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy and a newfound love of burpees in next to no time. 

Studio 45

New Farm

Now, aside from the fact you’re pushing your muscles to the brink of fatigue, the excellent thing about taking up lagree—or Pilates on crack as I like to call it—is the warmth and light that seeps out from their studios. Oh, and if you get to Studio 45 a little earlier, you can lie down on your torture rack (aka megaformer) and have a tiny power nap before your 45 minutes of lean machine making begins. Tight bums live here!

Simon Kerle PT


As my dear friend and rather talented interior designer Claire Stevens put it, “It’s strength focused, so you get rather buggered, but I don’t hate it because he motivates you, but not in that angry stereotypical personal trainer sense—you do it two times a week, and really feel it. And if you’re after a good stretch out there are also classes at his yoga studio, Raw Power Yoga.” Here’s to that.

Zen Hot Yoga 


Which brings us to this gem: Zen Hot Yoga. Because walking into a heated room on a chilly morning is a pretty excellent prospect. AND that you’re going to be sweating out those winter indulgences you might have been partaking a little bit too much in—e.g cheese toasties and red wine.

Kangaroo Point Stairs

Kangaroo Point

If you haven’t ever run up these bad boys, you’re in for a super rude shock. However, keep in mind that the commitment to doing at lease a set of these once a week is really going to keep the hot chocolates at bay… eight stairs runs in one morning set—you can do it. And you’ll see the sun pop up over the city skyline. Noice.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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