Win A $5,000 Dream Holiday!

By Rachel Lay
1st Jul 2016

“Imagine if I had thousands of dollars to go travelling” said everyone ever, at least once a day, on the reg. Wouldn’t it be the dream? Waking up with a bulging wallet filled with $5,000 to blow on travelling your way across the world. Oh, think of the places you’ll go, think of the boost your Insta feed (and subsequently your rep) will get.

The good news is the $5,000 trip of your dreams is all yours, thanks to the legends at Brisbane Festival. Well, it’s not yours yet–you still need to win.

How do you win you ask? It’s easy! Just fill out the form below and you’re in with a chance to snag $5,000 worth travel.

Think of the places you’ll go. New York, London, Cuba, Tahiti… anywhere is game. After all, you have $5,000 dollars.

This epic once-in-life-time prize is thanks to the mega generous folk at Brisbane Festival. Make sure you check out the line-up what’s coming to Brisbane in September – it’s going to be a big one!

For further terms and conditions make sure to click here.

Image credits: Ariana Gillrie, Lauren Bullen

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