7 Workouts (That Are Actually Fun) To Try This Weekend

By Brooke Falvey - 08 Oct 2015

Brisbane's Best Fitness Studios

If only being fit was f-ing fun. Sure, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a good sweat-inducing workout: your body tingles with endorphins, your skin looks smooth (once the redness settles), but gah! the struggle to get off the couch and away from the Pringles is real.

But there ain’t no excuses anymore because Brisbane's best fitness studios are shaking it up–from perfecting Beyonce's moves, to jumping like a kid on a trampoline, to doing yoga in a sling–we’ve found 7 workouts so fun you’ll never a skip a session again.

#1 Shake It Like Beyonce at Yonce Classes

West End

Ever wanted to perfect Single Ladies or Crazy In Love like Sasha Fierce? Ah yep, us too. Yonce classes at Fortitude Valley-based dance studio Dance Masala are dedicated to the pure glory that is Queen Bey. Focused on reaching your full sass potential, classes are perfect for beginners through to experienced dancers and ideal, obvi, for anyone dangerously in love with Beyoncé. 

#2 Smash the ‘Orange Zone’ at Orangetheory Fitness


Orange is the new black and, when it comes to work outs, Orangetheory Fitness will have you begging for an early release. Using scientically-backed strength and training methods, they'll push you to keep your heart rate in the 'orange zone' within 84 per cent of your maximum capacity. Spending 12 to 20 minutes in the Orange Zone stimulates your metabolic rate, and burns calories both during the workout, and for up to 36 hours after the session making it the perfect pre-splurge workout!

#3 Get Trampoline-Toned at Bounce


Bounce your way to health and fitness at Brisbane's biggest indoor playground. With wall to wall trampolines, Bounce offers to put a smile on your face as you let your inner child bounce free AND apparently just 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline can give you the same benefits as a 30 minute run! 

#4 Pirouette Like A Prima at Brisbane Barre Fitness 

Spring Hill 

We originally thought this fitness craze involved pointing our toes over a couple of cocktails, but Brisbane Barre Fitness with a base in ballet, it promises long, lean limbs and a firm core which sounds perfect in the lead up to bikini season. Tight buns are optional (both on your head and in your leotard!). 

#5 Scale Walls Like Spiderman at Anchor Training

Kelvin Grove 

Unleash your inner warrior with the Anchor Training team whose philosophy is to make each day active without inducing boredom. Hells yeah. But don't mistake these guys for your standard bootcamp because their training sessions include high ropes, rock climbing and even wall scaling (hello, Spiderman?) Their Weekender program will help you work up a sweat and leave you fired up for the rest of your weekend.

#6 Swing Into Aerial Yoga at Flight Skool

West End

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease at aerial yoga. If you're ready to take your exercise to new heights, or just willing to give anything new a go, head to West End's Flight Skool. Performed in hammocks (although sadly not the tropical island kind), aerial yoga can help build core and upper-body strength as well as improve flexibility. Hanging upside down is also good for stress relief! 

#7 Take On The ‘Megaformer’ at Studio 45 Fitness

Bulimba, New Farm

It’s been called “pilates on crack” so fun might be a stretch, but anything that promises to burn between 500 and 700 calories in 45 minutes, sounds worth the pain. Favoured by the likes of Hayden Panattiere, Nicole Kidman and supermodel Rebecca Romijn, this workout fuses the principals of Pilates with strength training, cardio, resistance and counter-resistance for full body conditioning. Plus Studio 45 have got a machine called the Megaformer which makes us think we'll be working out with a transformer! #funnnnn

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