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Yoga With Puppies Is Happening In Brisbane And Ours Hearts Have Melted

By Jessica Pridmore
12th Jul 2017


We could throw in a joke or two right here about downward facing dog, but we won’t, because there are far more important things at hand to discuss. Like, um, I don’t know, PUPPY YOGA!

To celebrate their third birthday, Brisbane yogis Stretch Yoga are hosting a series of puppy yoga and puppy Pilates classes—because nothing says ‘happy birthday us’ better than a room full of puppers in prayer pose, amiright?

Get your warrior pose on surrounded by cute AF puppies during this 'drooling' 45-minute class. At $50 a go, it’s pretty up there but, know that your hard earned cashola is going straight to the RSPCA, helping fund all the hard work they do for our furry friends. 50 big ones doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

If all this talk of cute AF doggos and do good-ing doesn’t get your heart all a flutter, this just might: all the pups joining you in your yoga class are up for adoption! That’s right, you could find your new furry friend while working on your fitness.

Call it your charitable good deed for the day…

The Details

What: Puppy Yoga
Where: Stretch Yoga
When: Sunday 23 July, 9am – 2pm

For all the event details and to book your spot, click here.

Image credit: Bulldog Pet Solutions

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