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You Need To Get One Of These Wooden Maps In Your House ASAP

By Ben Tyers
3rd Feb 2018


We’re still trying to work out how it’s 2018, but, it is. And with a new year comes the chance to start afresh and finally fix your place up so that you’re not mega embarrassed when your friends and family come over.

While we’ve been going on and on about indoor plants for months now, let’s focus our attention on your barren walls, and we’ve got just the thing for that empty space.

Citywood is currently up on Kickstarter, and they’ve already smashed their goal by raking in a cool $25K.

Citywood make high-quality wooden maps of cities from all around the world. They’ve already produced a couple of Aussie options, along with cities like Philadelphia, Tokyo, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, amongst many more.

They’ll be shipping rewards to pledges from June this year, and they’ll ship to anywhere in the world.

To find out more about Citywood and back their Kickstarter campaign, head here.

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