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10 Movies To See This September

By Bella Askelund
4th Sep 2017

10 Movies To See This September

Calling all movie enthusiasts: September is officially the month to let your cinematography eyes run wild. From rom-com's and animation right through to a horror flick that’ll have your hairs standing on end, the array of epic movies about to drop is intense.  

Even if you’re not a frequent film fanatic, a trip to the movies is the perfect compliment to any date night. A few choc-tops and a generous helping of buttery popcorn...what could be better? Settle in and get comfy, guys. These are all the movies to catch this September.

Battle of the Sexes

This American comedy-drama is based on a true story of the 1973 dramatic tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and ex-champ/serial hustler, Bobby Riggs. Perhaps the greatest cast we’ve seen in awhile, Battle of the Sexes stars our ultimate girl-crush Emma Stone alongside both Steve Carrel and Alan Cumming (!!). With a cast like this, it’s hard to not have high expectations. Even if sports films aren’t your jam, we’re taking the plunge and saying this one will be worth the watch.


Horror fans have long been awaiting the motion picture of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, IT. Safe to say, this film is not for first-time horror film goers. Word on the street is, it’s one hella scary rendition. You’ll find all the essential horror requirements piled in, from the old creaky house to pre-teens battling against a mythical shape-shifting entity—IT will have you scared to the bone, literally. It even casts children known as “The Losers Club” who try to save the day but are forced to fight their own demons along the way. FYI: If you don’t have popcorn in a horror movie, you’re doing it wrong. It’s the only acceptable food to spill on people when you’re frightened. Ice-creams not so much...

American Assassin

The perfect movie to see with your squad, American Assassin stars every girls not-so-secret crush, Dylan O’Brien. You’ll see Dylan play a 23-year-old assassin, who lost his parents in a tragic car accident and then his fiancé to a terrorist attack. In seeking revenge, he’s enlisted as a black ops recruit and is taught some of the craziest tricks in the book. The film takes a turn when O’Brien discovers a mysterious operation known as ‘Ghost”, that shows an intent to start a World War in the Middle East. Grab yourself a big bag of m&m’s and get munching. Action at its best.  


Who doesn’t love a good psychological thriller! They’re intense, thought-provoking and sure to have you wanting more. Well, get ready for this because Mother! is a riveting film about love, devotion and sacrifice. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the plot sees a couple’s relationship on the rocks when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. With all the eerie feels, Lawrence perfectly nails a character who is unusually calm yet bold in nature. This is definitely a film worth adding to the bucket-list, and we’re pretty excited to see it on the big screen.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

As if the first Kingsman was not enough to continue fan-girling over, they’ve hit us with a second! If you’re going to make a sequel, you better make sure it’s a) bigger and b) better, and this ticks both of those boxes. To start with, Taron Egerton now stars alongside Channing Tatum, a Kingsman agent with an assortment of moves and gadgets set to impress. You’ll see the base from the first film go down, so the team head to America to get their inner agent on. With the film also boasting stars such as Colin Firth (wasn’t he dead?) Halle Berry and Elton John, this may be the action movie of the year.

The Emoji Movie

It’s fair to say this film hasn’t received the best of reviews…Truth be told, trusty Rotten Tomatoes gave The Emoji Movie a sad one star. But nonetheless, anything involving a talking emoji voiced by James Corden is surely worth a viewing, right? The film follows Gene, a multi-expressional emoji who sets out to become a normal emoji. See in the land of Emoji’s, if you’re an awkward face, then you can only be an awkward face. If you ask us, we’d rather be Gene and get to be everything at once, but it seems that’s not how it works here. Animated to perfection and written by Sony Entertainment, this cinema is sure to be packed with every millennial and their dog.

The Changeover

The excitement for the release of New Zealand’s The Changeover film is very, very real. Based on the Carnegie Medal winning novel by Margeret Mahy, the story follows 16-year-old Laura Chant who’s drawn into a supernatural battle with an ancient spirit. To take things up a notch, the film is set in a post-earthquake Christchurch, where emotions run high for all. The ancient spirit attacks Laura’s younger brother, Jacko and in order to save him, Laura discovered a supernatural ability within her. This film channels many dark fears but portrays it in a way that is suited to most audiences. Us Kiwi’s are in for a treat with this one. Maybe we’ll even bring a New Zealand flag along to the premiere? 

Victoria & Abdul 

It's not an official must-see movie list unless Judi Dench herself features. In that being said, Victoria & Abdul is a definite one for you and the family this Spring. Based on the life of Queen Victoria and her servants, we see an unlikely and possible friendship flourish. When Abdul arrives from India to serve the Queen herself, the Queen's people are shocked to see such a friendship between a servant and Queen happen in actuality. We don't know whether we'll be laughing or crying...only one way to find out! 

Te Reo Moana 

By now, we all know of the latest Disney classic that is Moana. If you don't, well you must've been living under a rock for most of 2017. Adventurous young girl ventures out from her Island in the quest to save her people from the decay of their environment. Throughout this venture, she comes across Maui a demigod and numerous creatures. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity. Plus a total bonus for us Kiwi's—this version is all in Te Reo, thanks to our pal Taika Waititi. 


Aucklanders, this one's for you. Now I'm sure we all know of the ever-terrifying Spookers attraction in Kingseat, Auckland. What used to be the old psychiatric hospital that fostered the mentally insane back in the day, has now become of Auckland's most popular tourist destinations. Based on the lives of the actors that work at Spookers, we get an inside scoop into what really happens behind the blood and guts of the make-up. We think there's a slight possibility you may need to bring the tissues...

Image Credit: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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