13 Insta-Famous Dogs You Should Be Following

By Anna May
17th Jun 2017

insta famous dogs

In case you’ve been living in some dog-hating country for the past 12 months, you’ll know that the world’s obsession with dogs has reached peak levels. And by that I mean we’ve all embraced the pooch-obsession. We stalk them on the street, we make eyes at them on public transport, and we follow their lives on Instagram. Lives that are already infinitely better than ours. Please enjoy this list of GTFO-adorable dogs to follow and fall in love with. 

All kinds of dogs. Much dog. 

But not cats. Cats are the f*cking worst. 

Pooch Of NYC

But his friends refer to him as Agador. You’ll know him because he has a perfectly round, tousled perm, wealth of BAMF costumes, and glossy eyes that pierce your soul. We are not worthy. 

Follow him: @poochofnyc

Dora Figalga

Ever looked at Kylie Jenner’s little Norman, and been like, oh yeah? He is child's play compared to this unbelievably delicious squiddlemuffinwoooff (sorry, but for the love of God, LOOK AT THOSE EYES). Dora is a perfect little Italian Greyhound living the high life in Portugal, so obviously you need to book tickets ASAP.

Follow her: @dora_figalga

Tuna Melts My Heart

Apart from playing a huge part in my favourite meme of all time, Tuna simply demands your love and respect. His overbite, permanently worried look, and general adorableness are all no match for your finger. Just follow. I imagine his belly would feel like the fuzziest, softest summer peach, only warmer. 

Follow him: @tunameltsmyheart

Daisy & Duke The Goldens

Kill me. Right now. The only thing cuter than a friggin’ roly poly, fluffy, clumsy little golden retriever pup is an older, wiser gentleman that knows how to fetch, and would love to play with you. This team of perfect retrievers will have you melting like butter into a frypan. 

Follow them: @daisydukethegoldens

Life Of Jinkee

If you ever run into Jinkee on the street, and don’t immediately ask her who is a good girl, then I’ll be very, very sad. I’m sure she is, but you still want to check. This adorable red toy poodle is the answer to every bad day you’ve ever had, all in her perfect face and fluffy bottom. Relax.

Follow her: @Lifeofjinkee

Lucy Farted

Lucy and I have a lot in common. That aside, you’ll never see a cuter bulldog effortlessly pulling off an underbite while rocking a hoodie. 10/10 I would put peanut butter on my face and let her lick it off.

Follow her: @Lucyfarted


Just when you thought nothing could get prettier than Margaret Zhang’s instagram, or Sonny Blake’s eyes, these guys came along and stole the show. Two very, very, very good boys that will no doubt bring your eyes, heart, and sole so much joy. You’re welcome.

Follow them: @wat.ki

Popeye The Foodie Dog

Fact: this dog eats better on a Monday than you have all year. And you better believe that’s just fine. With don’t-even-bother-trying-to-resist-scratching-my-belly eyes and a keen nose for the hippest foodie joints in LA, Popeye is your new go-to (after us, obvs).

Follow him: @popeyethefoodie

Hero The Mini Aussie

You better hope to heaven that you never end up with a single piece of bacon left with this dog in the room, because there’s no way anyone could resist those perfect little eyes, or ignore the soft, tufty ears Hero sports. Go on, get involved with her adventures and increase your general happiness level by 147%.

Follow her: @herotheaussie

Lizzie & Ally

Is it just me, or is the world trying to destroy us through perfect golden retrievers? Likely. But that’s fine. Lizzie & Ally are the quintessential all-American Instagram dogs, in that they’re better than you at something that they don’t even know exist. Just… LOOK at their coats. I bet they feel like butter. 

Follow them: @lizzie.bear

Harlow & Sage

Just one look at these incredibly photogenic, big-eyed specimens is enough to make you question your entire existence. A fun-loving family of a doe-eyed weimaraner, and two of the most precious little sausage pups you ever did see, these guys pretty much set the standard of aww-some animal Instagramming. Also, they snuggle, a lot. 

Follow them: @harlowandsage


For the love of folded chips… How on earth am I supposed to look at this pupper and get any work done? The page is literally filled with bright, colourful images of a fluffy schnoogie eating the most delicious looking fruit in the world. Poke me with a fork, because I am done. 

ILY, Cookie.

Follow her: @ps.ny

Marnie The Dog

Let’s get realer than Iggy Azalea here: no list of Insta-famous dogs would be complete without a mention of Marnie, her pokey-out tongue, and her little scuttle-walk thing. With 1.2 million followers, a friggin fabulous collection of sun-safe hats, and more celebrity friends than you and I could ever hope for, Marnie is all of us. Here’s to you, Marnie. 

Follow her: @marniethedog

Image credit: @Lifeofjinkee

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