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A Pizza Museum Is Open And We Can’t Even

By Albert Cho
17th Aug 2018

A Pizza Museum Is Open And We Can’t Even

You may say you’re not much an artsy museum fan but that is all about to change with this exhibition which is what dreams are made of. This pop-up is purely dedicated to a dish that we all know and love, it can never do us wrong: PIZZA! Yup, a pop-up museum is paying tribute to the heavenly slice of cheesy goodness and giving it the respect and recognition it deserves.

Get amongst The Pizza Experience over in LA as they feature six different rooms and offer a new culture to museums. Say goodbye to the days of standing and nodding at paintings that don’t make sense to you as the installations at this exhibition are no joke. We’re talking art that we’ll actually be able to wrap our heads around. Pizza graffiti, pizza slices and pizza snacks will be in the rooms to keep your bellies full. Feel like you’ve gone a bit overboard with the carb-loading? There’s also a pizza gym for you to put that energy to some good use.

Believe it or not, we haven’t even gotten to the best bit! When the people behind The Pizza Experience say it’s an “interactive,” they really mean it. Not only will you be able to wrap your head around the art in this exhibition but you can wrap your bodies around it too! The Pizza Dough Room is where you can live your dream that we know you’ve had at least once in your life. You get to roll around in pizza dough and become one with the comfort food, what better way to express your love for the modern pie?

The Pizza Experience has opened its doors in LA and plans on taking over Chicago in 2019. Fingers crossed that Down Under is on their radar next!

The Deets

What: The Pizza Experience Pop-Up Exhibition

Where: 129 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103, USA

For more information, click here

Image Credit: Supplied 

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