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Top Spots For Craft Beer & Gyoza On The Gold Coast

By Kaitlyn Smith
16th Jul 2017

craft beer and dumplings on the gold coast

There’s never been a more appropriate time to morph into the human version of Homer Simpson, à la obnoxiously loud gurgling sounds and significant drooling. 

We promise you’ll be forgiven—and most definitely receive nods of understanding in return after wiping your chin and explaining to onlookers—that you’re about to devour a meal considered the Ryan Reynolds of food and drink; AKA dumplings, gyoza and craft beer. 

Prep your tastebuds and wallet for some serious jaunting around the Coast as we ‘dish’ on the best joints for this medically recommended daily intake. Okay, so we lied, it’s not recommended at all by physicians for peak physical health, but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt our emotional wellbeing. 

Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium 


We’re sorry. Did you just say ‘Gyoza Beer Stadium’? A stadium that doesn’t involve physical activity and encourages only epic-levels of indulging in beer and gyoza? Now, this is our kind of sport! Your biceps (and belly) will be bulging in no time after constant arm curls to your mouth. If the promise of gains isn’t enough, then you can feast your eyes on Harajuku’s vats as they brew their own Japanese craft beer and cider, Yoyogi.

Apres Surf

Mermaid Beach

Clear your schedules on Thursdays for rest of the year because the crew at Après Surf are offering ‘Dollar Dumplings’ each week. Holy sh*t! Not only is the joint a sure bet for visit any day of the week, but $1 dumplings is like whispering sweet nothings into our ear. Wash your chow down with selected craft brews and epic deals to ensure you’re leaving satisfied, minus a dent in the hip pocket. 

Lucky Bao 

Mermaid Waters

Tucked away in the peaceful suburb of Mermaid Waters, you’ll find this little watering hole nestled up in the renovated block of Asian eateries of Markeri Street. Whether you’re vegan or carno, Lucky Bao caters to all. Specialising in boa (obvs), their menu also extends from dumplings to ramen that’ll have you licking your bowl and not caring about passing judgements. 

Backbone Bar 


Open Wednesday through Sunday, Backbone is the answer all southern-enders were praying for. Forget the days where you’d hike northbound for some good grub and socialising; head to Tugun for an array of local craft brews to accompany your journey to dumpling and gyoza heaven, plus even friendlier staff, that’ll keep you coming back. 

Thanh Binh Bamboo 


Ladies and gents, rub your eyes twice in disbelief. This joint is everything anyone needs for a rowdy weekend of over-eating. At Thanh Binh Bamboo, Fridays and Saturdays are officially known as beer and dumpling nights, where from 6pm to 8pm you can gorge to your hearts content on $6 beer, gyoza and dumplings while live music drowns out your heavy breathing.  

Hideaway Kitchen 


Not only does this trendy twist on modern Asian street food boast an adorable smiling Buddha as its mascot, its dumpling and gyoza offerings are second to none. While you’re busy admiring Hideaway Kitchen's colourful courtyard dining, wash away your sins with a schooey (or 10) of the recently crowned ‘Best International Pale Ale’ XPA from Gold Coast’s own Balter Brewery.

Mamasan Kitchen + Bar 


Located in the bustling Oracle Boulevard, you can perch in the alfresco dining area while you eat and drink your weight in dumplings. With various options of dumplings, gyoza and other Asian dishes for your picking, Mamasan is every boyfriend’s answer for the ‘very rare occasion’ when your better half can’t decide what she wants to eat. Or, just let her ponder aimlessly while you sink some pots. Two birds, one stone.

Mei Wei Dumplings 

The Star, Broadbeach

Got a hankering to hit the Cas and blow your cash? Well, steer clear of the blackjack tables and hypnotising pokie machines and change pace in the direction of Mei Wei. Located on the ground floor of The Star, this is a dumpling-lover’s haven. With a 2.6-metre viewing panel over the dumpling assembly area, you’ll be leaving with a few sneaky tricks to up your homemade dumpling game. 

Want more craft beer? We don't blame you. Here are all the best breweries to hit on and within driving distance of the Gold Coast. 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List 

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