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Cheese-tastic! The Gold Coast's Best Melted Cheese Everything

By Danielle Read
21st Apr 2017

Our love for cheese has always been unrivalled.

From high school romances to summer time flings—we’ve never even come close to adoring anyone or anything as much as we heart cheese. And we have an inkling that you share our passionate love for the dairy fave.

From tasty and cheddar to goats and feta, there’s so much to dream about in the land of cheese. And let’s not forget that feeling of coming home after a long day to a wheel of creamy Camembert or a sexy blue—nothing compares.

We trust the experts when chasing our fix and have tracked down some seriously drool-worthy dishes. So without further ado, here are the best melting cheesy eats on the Gold Coast. Bon appétit.

Cheese-Stuffed Wagyu Burger | Longboards Bar

It’s no secret that Longboards is a crowd fave for Surfers Paradise locals and tourists. But have you tried their Cheezy Royale? Topped with Gruyere cheese, caramelised onion, and truffle oil, this succulent king of a burger has a delicious surprise in store. Sink into its glorious wagyu patty and flood your mouth with a sea of gooey cheddar. It’s just like a caramel centred chocolate, only meatier and cheesier. YAS!

Baked Goats Cheese Salad | Le Café Gourmand

If there’s a queen of the cheese world, it is fo sho goats cheese. Silky smooth with a zingy tang, we bet you won’t be able to get enough of this creamy delicacy. On that note, check out Mermaid Beach’s Le Café Gourmand and dig into a ravenous baked goats cheese, drizzled honey, and prosciutto salad for a refined cheesy affair. There’s a bit of lettuce too, so invite your healthy mates and slowly ease them into going to every other place on our list of the best melted cheese dishes on the Gold Coast.

Flaming Cheese Wheel | Salt Meats Cheese

Okay. Imagine a giant wheel of cheese. Light it on fire. And then start cooking up delicious feasts in its centre. No, this is not a drill! Traditionally Italian, your fresh pasta dish is coated in salt, pepper, and then mixed around in a melting pot of cheese—all as part of a theatrical show of course! Book into Salt Meats Cheese at The 4217 on a Wednesday from 6pm to enjoy this unique melted cheesy dish.

Mac And Cheese | Easy Street Diner

A side dish on the menu, we recommend upping Easy Street Diner’s Mac and Cheese offering to a main, or adding indulgent truffle oil to the mix—because, why not? Or, get totally piggy with it by ordering the Pigmac. This 12-hour spice rubbed and pulled pork, house-made slaw, and BBQ sauce is topped off with none other than this mac and cheese treat. Not for the faint-hearted.

Loaded Fries | Lester and Earl

We are seriously devoted to melted cheese (obviously) but a close second is the almighty potato. So, combining the two feels like a no brainer. Lester and Earl in Palm Beach is your one-stop shop for the best cheesy chips on the Gold Coast. You’ll be salivating in seconds while your favourite house fries are topped with L & E seasoning, loaded with your choice of mushroom, house chilli, BBQ pulled pork, or bacon, and then smothered in lashings of triple cheese sauce. You know what they say? Three times the cheese equals three times the happiness.

Triple Cheese Toastie | Randy Wallhole

Ah toasties, our biggest weakness. Thank goodness Randy Wallhole is sorting us out, with their triple cheese jaffles. After all, feta, Swiss, and tasty are the three best friends that anyone ever had, right? Take a trip to Southport and get your cheesy dreams in check, stat!

Mac Lovin’ Balls | Brooklyn Depot

With their cheeky play on words, this Superbad-inspired dish is anything but. Sink your teeth into Brooklyn Depot’s super good celebration of deep fried fabulousness and chow down on that creamy mac filling. Depot’s special sauce is a perfect dipping sidekick, making this one of the best cheesy eats on the Gold Coast.

Mac Attack Dawg | The Loose Moose

Scoff a Mac Attack dawg and feel your heart pound out of your chest with instant adoration of Broadbeach’s The Loose Moose. Chargrilled bockwurst, chorizo, pickle mayo, and BBQ sauce are perfectly paired with smoked mac and cheese. The smokey brilliance of this dish is an absolute showstopper. Indulge and wrap your hands around this masterpiece because hot diggity dog, you’ve found yourself a cheesy wiener!

Super Saiyan | Obsessions on Chevron

Now, we’re not one to brag, but we think the fellas at Obsessions On Chevron were listening when we dreamed up the most extravagant burger of all time. Answering your cheesy dreams, Super Saiyan expertly layers three rashers of bacon and three slices of red Lester cheese on a bed of three hand-pressed wagyu patties. Don’t think it can get any better? Think again. Bacon jam and a waterfall of cheese sauce finish off this beast of a burger. We can feel the cheese gods looking down and nodding with approval already.

Basically everything from The Collective | Palm Beach

The Collective has given us so much joy since opening late last year and they’ve done it again, with their delectable selection of cheesy favourites. Think: chipotle three-cheese mac and a four-cheese pizza drizzled with blue cheese, maple pork cheesy fries, and liquid cheese beef nachos. The list goes on. Eagerly dunk house tortillas and cornbread into a spicy cheese fundido (fancy for fondue) melting pot or get a load of corona-battered cheese-filled chillis teamed with salsa and sour cream. Whatever your golden lava preferences are, stop into The Collective and thank sweet Cheesus for this hub of excellence.

Cheesy Onion Ring Tower | House of Brews

House of Brews is renowned for their extravagance, but this monster of a meal really is something else. A delicious blanket of truffle cheese sauce is poured over a towering stack of USA-styled onion rings. You’ll be mesmerised as this golden goodness drizzles and drips its way into your hands and all over your face. No one’s judging.

Chili Con Cheese Dip | Bonita Bonita

Chilli con carne with spicy beef AND cheese?! We deem this one the love boat of all Mexican-inspired cheesy creations, making it one of the best on the Gold Coast. Get your spice on at Bonita Bonita and dip into this saucy number. Why not go a step further and order the Queso Tostida with its deep-fried gooey provolone cheese and habanero jam? Go on, we know you wanna.

Fried Haloumi | Taverna

A perfect pairing of Byron Bay haloumi with bush honey and fresh rosemary, this dish will make you weak at the knees! Take a trip to Taverna in Kingscliff for a trek you won’t regret. While you’re there, why don’t you treat yourself to a cheese board dessert? Go alone and you don’t have to share—winning!

Three Cheese Aranchini | Justin Lane

You loved their Swiss brown mushroom arancini, and now the fellas at Justin Lane have taken things next-level. Creamy ricotta, tangy grana Padano, and buffalo mozzarella combine forces inside a crispy crumbed shell to make these arancini balls a sexy party in your mouth.


Photo Credit: Hayley Williamson for Metropolist

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