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Southport Is Getting Its Very Own Rooftop Bar!

By Brooke Darling
28th Apr 2017

This is not a drill! Northern Gold Coast dwellers, we know a lot of hospo fairy dust has been sprinkled on the southern end lately, but now, it’s your turn!

You’d better sit down for this news, ‘cause it’s going to make your long weekend. Or most certainly your winter, when this newbie swings open its doors in a few months’ time.

Southport is getting its very own rooftop bar—and that’s only the beginning, folks.

Too. Much. Excitement. Where do we start?

Those who live or work in the CBD may have noticed some recent action around the long abandoned Maternal Child Welfare Centre building on Nerang Street. If you haven’t, let’s paint the picture.

This non-descript orange brick building, that was built in 1967 and served as a hospice for mothers in need, has been purchased by the savvy founders of CoSpaces at The Station, located in the neighbouring historic ambulance station.

If you’ve seen what they’ve achieved pouring love into The Station and, two doors down, at The Exchange, you’ll agree another piece of the city’s history is in very good hands.

Launched in 2012, CoSpaces was one of the Coast’s original co-working spaces and is easily one of the best. These guys have got big plans for their latest project, to take the bare bones of this neglected space to create something Southport will be justly proud to call their own.

Ben Howe of CoSpaces is teaming up with friend, architect and hospo veteran Arran Woolams—their original purpose for the mega renovation was to expand their co-working space offering. But these guys could see so much potential in this blank canvas, so they aren’t stopping there. The team has big plans to develop something epic, current, and cool-as-hell to breathe fresh energy into the CBD. Inspired by the gourmet sandwich delis of Philadelphia, a funky deli will occupy the street level posi, with an opening out to a side laneway, smattered with seating for Monday to Friday lunch hangs over delish made-to-order gourmet sangas and craft beer on tap.

But what about the rooftop bar, we hear you scream. We’re getting there, folks. Cool your jets!

What is currently a physical flat rooftop, will be extended out across the second-story area with a 100-metre-squared hospo venue (hello, private functions), kitchen out back, indoor-outdoor bar, and a two-part retractable roof to let the sunshine in on those balmy spring afternoons. While the rooftop bar is expected to open three or four nights a week, all the nitty gritty details like interior styling are still being worked out, though cocktails, tasty eats, good vibes, and city skyline views are promised. Who’s in?

Co-partner in the project, Arran Woollams is also a hospitality design architect and his business, Space Cubed, has had a hand in stellar local fit-outs like The Loose Moose, Mamasan, and BSKT. And while they don’t intend to go super extravagant here, we’re confident it’ll be well thought out, functional, and most importantly, somewhere you’ll definitely wanna linger with an espresso martini in hand as the sun sets on another working week.

Live a little further north or south? Southport’s new deli and rooftop bar will have a tram stop right out front, so you can save money on an Uber and spend it on #allofthecocktails.

While there’s no name chosen just yet, we’re told it’ll be a respectful nod to the site’s history as a maternal care facility or, going even further back, to when the postmaster’s home—occupied by Philip Palmer Agnew—stood on the same location (1909-1967). You should see the old photos; this guy looks like a legend!

We can’t wait to see what they make of this forgotten building on Nerang Street, so expect us back around late winter or early spring to share exclusive first pictures—no doubt it’ll be worth the wait.

Where: 43 Nerang Street, Southport


Photo Credit: Hayley Williamson

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