Fat Feeds | Where To Find Delicious Loaded Fries On The Gold Coast

By Alex Topakas
8th Sep 2017

best loaded fries on the gold coast

Loaded Fries. A godsend of golden, crispy goodness creatively garnished with heavenly spice, meat and gooey cheese. Sounds like your kind of meal? Well, look no further. 

The ‘cold’ weather has passed us Gold Coasters by ever so quickly, meaning less trackies, more ‘kinis, the oncoming of sweet, sweet sunlight and less, er… winter hibernation.

And while some consider the cheat season over, never fear, loaded fries stick around all year and are here to serve our ever-indulging, diet-refusing lifestyles (for some). Enter eight of the best loaded fries that the Coast has seen. You really can’t miss out on these.

Tribeca NYC

Chevron Island

A side dish they may be, but these pulled pork and cheese loaded fries definitely are a fierce competitor for first place on the menu. Straight from the decadent flavours of the Big Apple, Tribeca’s Fully Loaded Fries are a real winner. Crispy fries (and might we add, the perfect thickness), plus your choice of pulled pork or beef lathered in cheese and smokey chipotle sauce. Swoon. 

Iron & Resin Garage


This reclaimed industrial space is a whole lot more than what meets the eye. Not only home to an entire range of the US brand’s Iron & Resin apparel, riding gear and motorcyclist accessories—Iron & Resin Garage also make a killer loaded fries. All hail the Mt Warning Chilli Loaded Fries, absolutely jam packed with strong and fiery flavours of chilli con carne, melted cheese, sour cream and house made guac. And while you’re at it, they make a darn good coffee by specialty roasters Will & Co. that you cannot miss. Pair it with a Sunday morning of live music and it’s seriously a win/win… win.

Brooklyn Depot 

Surfers Paradise

Dreams really do come true at Brooklyn Depot, because beef chilli cheese fries ARE a thing. You can also choose to add a layer of hot, decadent gravy (we aren’t sure why this is a choice, because, why wouldn’t you?). Brilliant burgers paired with some of the best loaded fries on the Gold Coast? Absolute yes. 

Ze Pickle


It’s a hard gig to follow after ZP launched its Doughnutfukwitdis burger (containing half your daily calories in one sitting), but their Ze Chips do an excellent job. Piled with maple-smoked bacon, IPA beer cheese sauce and Ze Pickle’s own special sauce (really, just mind-blowing), there really is no better reason than to chow down one of the best loaded fries on the Gold Coast (and potentially convince yourself to get moving the next day). 

Lucky Bao

Mermaid Waters 

If you like things a bit alternate and would prefer chips made from everything but the ol’ potato, look no further than Lucky Bao. Enter: the best bao on the Coast and their aptly name Crack fries, a very serious contender. Taro fries with Sriracha aioli, kewpie mayonnaise, spring onion, all paired with your favourite pillow-soft bao. Perfect. 

Easy Street Diner

Mermaid Beach

While hidden away in the hustle and bustle of Mermaid Beach, this American-style diner definitely is not shy (especially when it comes to their OG Fries). Boasting some of the best loaded fries on the Gold Coast, Easy Street Diner offers golden shoestring fries drizzled with cheese, pulled pork and, the best bit, crisp crackling. We’re in love. 

Luckies Diner 

Palm Beach

Spice up your life with Luckies signature loaded fries, tucked away in Palm Beach’s hip foodie precinct, The Collective. Crunchy loaded fries with maple pork, crispy bacon, cheese, special sauce and your choice of jalapeño mayo plus jalapeños really does hit the spot. 

Lester & Earl 

Palm Beach

What’s better than a rooftop eatery in Palm Beach and some of the best loaded fries on the Coast? Not much. Lester & Earl offer their bangin’ revamp on the idea of loaded fries, with house-smoked pulled pork off the shoulder, topped with cheese sauce—a mix of American Jack, parmesan and Tasty cheddar. You really can’t say no to all that cheese. 

Mr America Hotdog & Fries Food Truck


A bit of authentic Mexican goodness lies deep within these loaded fries, and its a great adventure to uncover this food truck, also! Along with their signature (and darn good) burgers and dogs, Mr America is home to some of the best loaded fries on the Gold Coast. Lightly salted, with the first dusting of Cajun spice, blow torch-melted Swiss and cheddar cheese, diced bacon, a final layer of Cajun spice and drizzled in ranch dressing. Ah-mazing. 

If you’ve tried all of the crispy-potato goodness that is the best loaded fries on the Gold Coast, you’re going to love checking out eight of our absolute fave restaurants in Burleigh.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie for The Urban List 

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