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10 Netflix Gems You Need To Watch ASAP

By Steff Tan
28th Feb 2018


Not to drag any of the hot shots on Netflix right now, but sometimes you just wanna kick back, hit up something that’s spoiler-free, and literally chill. There’s zero chance Facebook will ruin it for you—which means you can genuinely be surprised when a plot twist hits, instead of pulling the ol, “So that’s what that meme meant”. #firstworldstruggles

Everybody loves an underdog, so here are ten hidden Netflix gems you need to get onto…like right now.

La Mante

You might’ve seen this lil’ six episode wonder floating around Netflix and thought, “Mmmmmmm NAH”. It looks a little intense (it’s French so it is intense) and you’re not that familiar with French actors so you glide past it. But let us change your mind. La Mante (Mantis) is about a locked-up serial killer who's attracted a copycat. Now this might sound nice and dandy and done-many-times-before, but trust us when we say there are so many twists and turns you’ll be absolutely shooketh. Seriously, time will fly when you suddenly reach the last episode and need therapy just to process what kind of shit just hit the fan. Also the acting is beyond enthralling and Stephen King was like, “WHOAAAA”*

*not actual quote but you get the point. He really did like it though.

Chewing Gum 

The definition of a hidden gem, Chewing Gum is the super goofy tale of Tracey who has had a very religious upbringing and just wants to have sex with her bae. #realtalk But when that doesn’t work out, we get to watch Tracey navigate life in her early twenties and it’s tough and confusing and even though Tracey might come from an entirely different place, we can still 100% relate to family being family and life being a total dick. Just binge the twelve eps already.

Happy Valley

The name’s a cruel red herring, and you’ll figure that one out pretty quick in the first season (only six episodes so binge-in-one-night material). Without giving too much away, every possible horrible thing happens to the main character, Sergeant Catherine Cawood, who is an absolute woman of steel btw. But she keeps on going as she tackles the drug culture in her northern England hometown, tragic memories, 10/10 suss events, all while looking after her wee little grandson. For reals, Happy Valley is a must watch drama for those who appreciate all the suspense.


Are you a fan of complicated love stories that’ll make you cry and binge-eat and cry some more? Then Lovesick is for you. But this is no ordinary drama. Lovesick is about an almighty lovable man named Dylan who gets diagnosed with chlamydia. And what do you do when you get diagnosed with chlamydia? Call all your exes up, duh. You get to see all the love and not-so-lovey moments in Dylan’s life (that’ll you 100% relate to) and all the sauciness in between. This is just one of those shows that’ll hit you in the feels at 1AM on a Fri—Saturday morning.

Gran Hotel

It’s Spanish, so you know the drama levels are high. But where one big plot unravels over three episodes in a western show, something new and heart attack-worthy explodes in EVERY DAMN EPISODE of the Gran Hotel. We’re talking murder, affairs, blackmail, and pregnancies that are way more surprising than Kylie Jenner’s. So pretty much, a lot of people from all over the social ladder come together and it’s all nice and groovy and then the first blackmail happens and suddenly you’re addicted. Yep.

Him & Her

Becky and Steve—you’ll love them to bits. Mostly because they’re sooo in love and sooo sweet they’ll give you diabetes just from watching them. But not in a gushy Disney way, in a sort of sloppy, carpet fluff, real-life way. And even though they live in a dump that lowkey resembles your room on a Saturday morning, Steve still wants certain things to be facing certain ways and it’s little touches like this that make the show so damn likeable. There’s still a generous sprinkle of raunchiness in there too and characters you’ll hate but that’s just a part of it. So if you need a big ol’ pick-me-up, watch this show because your heart will grow a size or two.


Not a hidden gem in the UK, but you'd be amazed how many Aussies still haven't got hooked on Broadchurch. We expected Broadchurch to be an average crime show, but instead had our hearts smashed to smithereens over and over again. But do watch it, it’s so good. Broadchurch is about the death of 11-year-old Danny Latimer whose body is found on beach in—you guessed it—Broadchurch. And while you think it’s just a ‘who done it’ show, it’s so much more than that. With an absolute stellar cast, Broadchurch guides you through the lives of expertly written characters who are all trying to deal with the death of Danny. And let us tell you the twists never stop coming…even in season two when you think the world might finally be a rosy place. Andddd former ‘doctor’ David Tennant and new ‘doctor’ Jodie Whittaker are in this one. That is all.


You know when you just wanna watch something sappy and “aw” for twelve episodes? This isn’t one of those moments. Easy is so real you’ll think someone’s stolen your super-secret Facebook convo with your bestie and splashed it on the small screen. Easy is a couple show that encompasses all things couples. It’s raw, realistic, and so, so, real. We can’t stress that last one anymore. You’ll almost be uncomfortable in some episodes by how well the writers have captured life. Mega babes like Elizabeth Reaser, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Orlando Bloom, and Dave Franco star in it.


OA but genuinely good. Soz OA. Where OA kind of dragged and screwed you over mentally, Traveler will actually make sense to you. For sci-fi and crime lovers, Traveler is the complex story of consciousness coupled with a grand spankin’ new spin on time travel. It’s hard to explain without going into a full-blown essay, but it’s people from the future controlling the consciousness of people from the present. That may sound seriously confusing but you’ll be hooked by the first episode. It really is something different.

Grace & Frankie

We know you’ve heard of this show, and we know you’re lowkey an ageist, but everybody deserves a second chance—so we’re giving it to you. So many people skip over this show because the four main characters are in their 70s. But let us tell you that this show nails family, love, heartbreak, and all the laughs. It’s quirky and so cute and seriously relatable at any age. Grace and Frankie are the wives of Robert and Sol, law partners and soon-to-be husbands who come out to their wives in their golden years. Ofc, all hell and some more breaks loose but somewhere in between there, the most unlikely friendship forms and all sorts of things happen. We’re talking vibrators for the elderly. Get onto it. 

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