10 Signs Your Cat Is Cheating On You

By Urban List Writers
8th Aug 2017

10 Signs Your Cat Is Cheating On You

Today is International Cat Day and, while we would suggest celebrating your feline friend with a cuddle, chances are that he or she is probably not going to be sitting at home waiting for you. Cats are notorious heartbreakers—they come home late smelling of perfume, eat our food we lovingly prepare for them and then sneak out again at night when we are asleep.

And so, it for these reasons that we have the following signs to look out for if you think your cat might be cheating on you:

1. He’s getting rounder by the day—you haven’t changed his daily food intake but he’s is looking bigger than ever. FYI, it's not personal, research conducted by Purina in Australia showed 25% of cats are overweight. Just where are they getting that food from, hmmmmm?

2. Coming home with more dead birds and rats than usual—are these gifts of a guilty conscience perhaps?

3. Your neighbour’s wife has barely said two words to you since you moved in but seems to know your cat pretty well…and just the spot he likes to be scratched in.

4. Your cat, who once took such pride in their appearance, has now upped the ante, spending long hours grooming themselves.

5. You can’t be sure, but you’re pretty sure he’s wearing Chanel No. 5.

6. He’s shedding long blonde hair, which is strange because he doesn’t have blonde hair and neither do you.

7. She’s out ‘til all hours—once she loved to snuggle on your bed each night but no matter how long you call for her, she’s AWOL.

8. Speaking of snuggling, he used to love allllll your attention and now spends his time at a distance. Come back Garfield!

9. And…those beautiful green eyes no longer look your way—eye contact is a thing of the past.

10. She used to love a good play, but now those swipes seem eeringly vicious.

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