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24hr Melbourne: 10 Things To Do After Hours

By Clare Acheson
11th Feb 2016

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At long, long last, Melbourne is finally taking some baby steps to becoming a truly 24-hour city. So, with trains and trams running through the night, what can you do in Melbourne around the clock? Here are our top picks for making the most of those extra hours.

#1: Have a midnight souva at everyone’s favourite 24-hour eatery

Their souvas might be on the greasy side and the clientele certainly is varied, but Stalactites in Melbourne's CBD is an institution. Where previously you would’ve had to bribe your cab driver to stop at this late-night mecca, now you can simply jump off the tram, pick up a snack, then jump on the next one. Genius. 

#2: Or feast on pasta at a lesser known southside diner

If you’re looking for a feed and fancy jumping on a train or tram to South Yarra, Chapelli’s Café & Restaurant is pretty much the only other 24-hour eatery in Melbourne. Go for a pizza if you can – trust us, it’s the safest option. 

#3: Watch a late-night film

Crown’s Village Cinemas starts regular showings as late as 11.30pm, with arthouse cinemas The Astor and Cinema Nova showing special screenings into the small hours. Whether its an old classic or a new release, late-night cinema sessions make for a fantastic impromptu date. 

#4: Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Can’t sleep? Why not indulge in a spot of urban adventure and jump on a train to a suburb you’ve never been to before. While ambling around a strange place in the dark might not be a great idea, even the journey can throw a whole new perspective on the city. Sleep when you’re dead, Listers.

#5: Have a silent disco on a train/tram

Just because you can. No, really, a group started doing this on New York’s subway system and it’s the best thing ever. Just make sure someone packs a mirror ball…

#6: Catch some live music with a beer in hand

A rarity in Melbourne’s pub scene, The Public Bar in North Melbourne (right opposite Queen Victoria Market) is one of the only venues in the city with a 24-hour licence. Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately for my liver – they rarely use it, but we’re hoping that the change in transport schedules will encourage a few round-the-clock gigs and pints for days. Please, you guys…?

#7: Check out the city’s landmarks, crowd-free

While you might not be able to get into any of them, you can finally snap that selfie on Princes Bridge with out getting photobombed by a busker/a cyclist/heaps of tourists ding the same thing.

#8: Pick up some blooms for someone you love

Look, I understand 24-hour cafes and 24-hour department stores, but 24-hour florists? Name me a life situation when you’re so desperate for flowers that you need a bunch at 4am... You did something bad, didn't you?! Regardless, Melbourne has 3 florists that operate around the clock – Zeneli in East Brunswick, Bridge Road Florist in Richmond, and Preston Drive-In Flowers, which is a stone’s throw from Bell station. Who wudda thunk it?

#9: Head to the ultimate all-night party, White Night

Okay, so it might only happen once a year, but man, is White Night worth it. The all-night arts festival hits Melbourne on Saturday 20 February, when the city comes alive with music, film, performance and street food between 7pm and 7am on Sunday 21. Take full advantage of the transport upgrade and escape the early evening crowds by hitting the CBD after 1am.

#10: Head to the other ultimate all-night party, Revolver

Go on, we won’t judge.

Image credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List

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