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10 Things To Eat At This Year’s Queen Vic Summer Night Market

By James Shackell
29th Nov 2017


Is it just us, or are we still trying to lose the kilos we gained at the WINTER night market? Far out. Give us a moment to buy some bigger jeans, Queen Vic.

If you hadn’t guessed, the Summer Night Market is back, and it’s looking delicious as usual. Now there’s nothing wrong with trampling people in a mad dash for the giant paella pan. We’ve all been there. But if you want to taste something new this year, here’s what you should be eating.

(On a totally unrelated topic, where does one go for very elastic jeans...)

Sushi Doughnuts | Poke Doke

Your two favourite things, rolled into one convenient, doughnut-type shape. Load up with some soy and pickled ginger and ‘gram the hell out of it.

Spicy Fried Chicken | Gangnam Pocha

Korean Fried Chicken finally lands at the Summer Night Market. Gangnam Pocha will be on hand, slinging spicy KFC with a soothing slaw.

Chicken n’ Gravy Bagels | Boston Bagels

Trust us, all right? These things are off the chain. Crispy roast chook, drenched in sinfully rich, lick-your-fingers-and-groan gravy. Yum.

Fried Greek Doughnuts | Takis Balls

If you haven’t tried loukoumades before, you’re in for a treat. Trust your gut and go the Nutella version. Pro tip: head over the road to Lukumades for some of the best Greek doughnuts going around.

BBQ Ribs | Southside Smokers

Just follow your nose. Southside Smokers have set up a hickory charcoal pit, and they’re grilling pork ribs and sausages galore. Pro tip: order a serve of the pulled pork nachos.

Fresh Fruit Cup | Market Juice

Probably not the sexiest dish at the Summer Night Market, but your mum will be proud as punch. There’s strawberries in here the size of your fist...

Mini Pavlovas | Gourmet Pies

Nothing says summer like a bloody good pav. These ones are single serve, and come drizzled in tangy strawberry coulis. Blackberries on top too—nice touch.

Gin Cocktails | Melbourne Gin Company

The folks from MGC will be on hand all summer long, cooling you down with a range of botanical beauties. G&Ts all ‘round.

BBQ Pork Bao | Wonderbao

An oldie, but a goodie. Wonderbao are back this year, and they’re bringing the pork buns. Keep an eye out for the KFC bao with pickled radish and spicy sauce. Outrageous.

Pimm’s Cups

Save the best until last right? The Summer Night Market comes with its own dedicated Pimms bar this year, decked out in Wimbledon-esque red and white stripes. You can’t miss it (just follow the crowd). 

Fiiiiinally, looks like Melbourne's getting a train to the airport. Welcome to the 21st century

Image credit: Queen Vic Market 

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