12 of the Best Potato Meals in Melbourne

By Ellen Seah
23rd Jun 2015

The world loves potatoes. Whether they’re fried or steamed, simple or loaded, sweet or regular, we don’t discriminate! And if the $55 000 raised for a potato salad in 2014 is any indication, we just can’t get enough of this stuff. So we’ve rounded up 12 of the best potato meals in Melbourne for your ever-lasting carby cravings.

Loaded Chilli Cheese Fries at BOY & Co


In its deep-fried, gloriously oily chip-form, the unassuming potato easily surpasses all other snacks. The genius kids at Malvern’s BOY & Co have upgraded their humble fries to a truly fully-fledged meal, albeit a slightly unhealthy one. But you only live once amirite? Some of the finest loaded chips in Melbourne, Boy & CO’s crispy lovelies come with to-die-for homemade chilli, stringy cheese sauce, spring onion and diced jalapenos for an extra kick. A warning—do not attempt to consume these alone. The serving size is an ambitious task for even two potato-loving mouths.

Warmed Potato Sandwich at The Last Jar

Melbourne CBD

When the potato craving hits, The Last Jar is there with their epic warmed potato sandwich with egg and hot English mustard mayo. This great Irish pub in Melbourne CBD is the perfect lunch stop for every potato enthusiast! The Last Jar’s warmed potato sandwich with hot mustard mayo is super creamy (tick), potato-packed (tick) and deeelish! Don’t eat this one too fast, or you’ll be in a potato-coma for the rest of the day.

Kimchi, Corn & Sweet Potato Fritters at Pillar of Salt


One of Melbourne’s best cafes serves up a mean sweet potato fritter, which is a little lighter on the waist for those who want to have their potato and eat it too. Pillar of Salt’s kimchi, corn and sweet potato fritters are delectably starch-filled and relatively guilt-free—an awesome Sunday brunch option. Remember, always have potato in moderation (jokes).

Potato & Spring Onion Rosti at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder


The generous serving of smoked salmon and perfectly poached eggs itself warrants any foodie’s interest at this long-time favourite Richmond brunch spot. Add a crispy, stacked potato rosti with Cantalet cheese fondue and you can have my soul (or my $20). A local hotspot, Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder can be busy on weekends. So sit your potato-loving butt down and, with a bit of patience, you’ll have one of the best crunchy-on-the-outside, soft on the inside rostis in your belly soon enough.

Make Your Own Spuds at Famish’d

Melbourne CBD

Offering you a healthy option (which is actually so filling you might not get through the whole meal), Famish’d brings the fun back into half-hour lunch breaks in Melbourne CBD. Choose five options from a range of healthy toppings for your regular or sweet spud, all for $12. If you’re having a bit of a downer-day, splurge and throw additional items into the mix for one dolli each. Easy-peasy potato squeesy.

Potato Hash & Mushroom Duxelle at Addict Food & Coffee


Sandwiched between a roasted field mushroom and dripping poached egg, Addict’s plump, crisp potato hash is one of the best gourmet hash browns in Melbourne. Served with super-powered caramelised onion, this has absolutely got to be one of the best potato-loaded breakfasts ever (ever). Enjoy the meal with Addict’s top-notch coffee, or if you’re really feeling the potato love, add another hashy for a fiver!

Feta Chips at Jimmy Grants

Various locations

Alright, alright, so I know I already PUT fries in this list, but look, we’ve narrowed it down to two options so no judgin’ alright? Jimmy Grants' feta chips are way too good to skip. Covered in oregano and garlic oil with a lavish dollop of feta, these decadent chippies will divide family and split friendships. Cause they know we love ‘em, they’re available at the Fitzroy, CBD and Ormond outposts. Be smart people, and order an extravagant amount of some of Melbourne’s best chips with your meal.

Roasted Kipfler Potato & Leek Omelette at Top Paddock


For your daily potato fix and brekkie all rolled into one, head to Top Paddock for their potato and leek omelette. This killer Richmond cafe serves up their spuds with taleggio on toast, making this a scrumptious brunch option for potato-heads.  

Regular Potato Salad at Fancy Hanks

Melbourne CBD

The perfect match for your tender meats, Fancy Hank’s potato salad is rightfully lathered in buttery cream and fresh spring onion. Located right in the heart of Queen Vic Market, there’s no better potato partner for your American grilled ribs, or brisket, or sausage. Although methinks a regular tub of this creamy stuff would go down just fine by itself. 

Sweet potato chips at The Wooden Elk

South Melbourne

The Wooden Elk has some of the best sweet potato chips in Melbourne, that classic but oh-soooooo delicious sweet and salty combo. Served with super rich, tangy aioli, you might have to swing by South Melbourne more often! 

Gnocchi Napoli at Marios


One day in Italy, a lonely potato met some lonely flour and with a little smoothing of cheese, gnocchi was born (disclaimer: this is really inaccurate). Oh gnocchi, sometimes I literally cannot handle your magnificent existence. Classic Italian diner Marios offers some of the best gnocchi in Melbourne, crossing pasta with potato to create these slightly chewy, pillow-light gems. Topped with fresh, homely Napoli, ricotta and rosemary, Marios allows the gnocchi to speak for itself. It’s fairly loud and clear.

Roast Spuds with Capers at Circa

St Kilda

Always keepin’ it classy and fresh, Circa’s Dobson spuds with parsley and capers is a simple but lip-smackingly delicious side. And, at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, there are plenty of top-notch options to make a happy marriage with these buttery potatoes.

Editor's Note: Check out Melbourne's best loaded fries and gnocchi too!

Image Credit: BOY & Co kimchi fries via Instagram


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