13 Gourmet Melbourne Toasties to Get You Through Winter

By Pip Jarvis
16th Jun 2016

best toasties melbourne

No longer the domain of skint students, the humble toastie has gone high-end and is cropping up on many a Melbourne cafe menu. Whether you like yours jaffle-style or flat-ironed so you can squish in more ingredients, there’s a toastie with the mostie just waiting to burn the roof of your mouth. Behold 13 gourmet Melbourne toasties that’ll sate your carby cravings this winter.


Melbourne CBD

Can you find fancy-pants toasties in Melbourne CBD? You’d better belieb it! The kind folk at Kinfolk have combined our two favourite things—cheese and Biebs—into the Justin Brie-Ber Toastie. Think grilled mushies and red capsicum, housemade pesto, pine nuts, spinach and brie. Oh baby.

Ebenezer Coffee & Wine Bar

Black Rock

If the mere mention of pulled pork has you drooling, you just gotta try the Cuban pork sandwich at Ebenezer Coffee & Wine Bar. The slow-cooked meat comes served between to toasted slices of wholegrain bread, then crammed full of pickles and trimmimgs. A surefire cold weather winner. 

Baskervilles Jaffles

Around Town

Dishing up tasty toasties all over Melbourne-town, Baskervilles Jaffles are a must-track-down for jaffle-heads. The food truck menu changes on the reg, but if you’re lucky it might feature such gourmet delights as the jerk chicken with pineapple slaw, or Sri Lankan chicken curry with pappadum and chutney. Sweet-tooths aren’t forgotten either—there’s a French toast toastie with chocolate and marshmallow!

Arbory Bar & Eatery

Melbourne CBD

Start the day off right with a breakfast toastie plus river view at Arbory Bar & Eatery. Packed with pastrami, gruyere, caramelised onion and fried egg, it’s a protein explosion worth leaving the office for.

Smith & Deli


Toasties and vegans may be unlikely bedfellows, but the babes at Smith & Deli have the animal lovers covered with their Truffle Shuffle toastie. It’s a rich, decadent combo of vegan ham, vegan cheese, and truffle oil that even die-hard meat eaters will enjoy. Grudgingly.  

The League of Honest Coffee

Melbourne CBD

Don’t be Simple (that’d be the plain cheese or cheese and tomato)—pimp your toastie with salami, pesto, olive, fetta and spinach at The League of Honest Coffee. Obviously you wouldn’t be so stupid as to leave without some top notch coffee to wash it down. 

Bad Frankie


Jaffles and gin. Gin and jaffles. Some people just get us. We’re kinda torn when it comes to our faves at Bad Frankie so we’ll choose a main course AND a dessert jaffle. Start with the Corned Beef with horseradish, Dijon cream, cheese and pickled cabbage, then finish with the Anzac Bikkie jaffle on brioche with golden syrup. It’d be un-Australian not to…

Tuck Shop Take Away

Caulfield North

Pulled pork. Smoked cheddar. Bechamel. Now that we’ve got your attention, get on your bike to Caulfield for the juiciest, most flavourful bunch of mouthfuls in town. Forget the diet for the day, cos you’re gonna want one of Tuck Shop's epic milkshakes or soft serves as well. And obviously we meant and, not or.

Little Rose Cafe

Port Melbourne

You know how sometimes one toasted sandwich just isn’t enough? The gems at Little Rose Cafe have the solution, serving their excellent toasties with potato gems. Yes, potato gems. The roasted mushroom and gruyere sandwich is probably the most sophisticated, but the Mexican chilli beef will warm the cockles of your wintry heart. Plus, potato gems.

Cheese and Bread


If the idea of changing out of your ‘house clothes’ to grab a toastie seems like too much hard work, a pair of—let’s call them angels—have heard your prayers and opened a gourmet toastie drive-through in Preston! We haven’t made it to Cheese and Bread yet, but we’re pretty flipping excited by the sound of the Batman & Robin, which pairs an American wagyu patty, crispy beef strip, and their house-blend cheese, combining four different cheeses for maximum taste and stretch.  


Around Town

Meet Pete. He’s a delightful combo of cheese blend, ricotta, sweet potato, and kale cashew pesto from the TOASTA toastie truck. Too #health for you? Try Mack—a gut-busting sanga crammed with cheddar, mac n cheese, pulled pork, caramelised onions and BBQ sauce. They also do gluten-free bread, if that’s your bag.

T-Roy Browns

Melbourne CBD

It takes some finding, but this hole-in-the-wall Melbourne CBD cafe, in the Banana Alley Vaults, does some of the city’s best work with bread and a jaffle iron. They have revolving specials, but the T-roy's Classic with sopressa salami, smoked ham, dijonnaise and mozzarella is hard to beat.

Maker & Monger

Prahran Market

We’ve raved about the raclette at Maker & Monger and waxed lyrical about their epic All American Grillz with cheddars, onions and parsley (rich and gosh-darn delicious). What we haven’t yet mentioned is their new Fondue Grillz—a redonk, fondue-inspired grilled cheese toastie featuring two Grand Dairy Award winners, Heidi Gruyere and Bulla Crème Fraiche. A golden, gooey-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside revelation.

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey White

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