13 Ways To Have A Side Hustle According To Your Star Sign

By Millie Lester
16th Dec 2017

Times are officially tough. 50 Cent Cones at Maccas cost sixty cents, going to the movies costs you your first born child and car rego in metro Melbourne now sets you back eight-hundred-freaking-dollars. Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with RACV DriveMyCar to bring you thirteen different methods of making some extra cash-money on the side.

So, here’s how to have a side hustle according to your star sign.

For All Star Signs

Rent Out Your Car

You know how your car just sits in the garage accumulating dust and insurance bills until winter rolls around again and it’s time to hit the mountains and shred some powder? Well, what if we told you it doesn’t have to. RACV DriveMyCar have a fab peer-to-peer service that enables you to make money from renting out your car when you’re not using it! With RACV DriveMyCar, you can rent out your car for as little as a week or up to 365 days, and it’s free to list...all the while making a sweet side income from renters who are thoroughly vetted and covered by full comprehensive insurance. It’s win, win, win.

Already joined the thousands of people using RACV DriveMyCar? Then read on for twelve other ways to make a side hustle according to the flawless science of astrology.


Be A Stay-At-Home Entrepreneur

Aries are generally ambitious risk takers, which is why slowly selling all your housemates’ stuff on Ebay without them noticing is the perfect little side gig to get you that Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow pallet you’ve had your eye on all year.

Hot tip: start small. Auction off things like photo frames, CDs and board games before moving onto more substantial items like Playstations and flatscreen TVs.


Become A Professional Pupper Walker

Those identifying as a Taurus are known for their great physical and mental stamina, which is an industry-recognised asset for all professional puppy walkers. Get yourself a few leashes (we recommend colour coordinating the puppers), a pair of headphones and a family-sized packet of Schmackos.


Advertise As A Freelance Life Coach

Geminis love to chat and share knowledge (and tell you that bread doesn’t belong in the fridge) which makes them perfect soundboards for life advice. Buy a fancy notebook from kikki.K, start Instagramming pictures of essential oils and announce that you’re now charging $30 an hour for your timeless wisdom.

Hot tip: crawl subject-dedicated university groups on Facebook, they are a cesspool of self-loathing and hopelessness.


Start An Out-Of-Hours Home Economics Class

Most Cancerians are real home bodies, which makes cooking jacket potatoes in front of small children in your own kitchen the PERFECT little side hustle. The recent rise of meal prep services has parents all over the country quaking in their Crocs, which means there’s some serious potential cash flow in teaching young people how to feed themselves.

Hot tip: don’t include the food they make in the tutoring fee, glad wrap it and put it in the fridge so you don’t have to buy groceries for the rest of the week.


Become A Technology-Free Graphic Designer

If you’re a Leo, then chances are you’re bold, courageous and daring, which means you can probably pull off working a side job as a conceptual graphic designer. What is a conceptual graphic designer? Someone who verbally explains design ideas in great detail to their client, and then invoices them for it. Mo’ technology, mo’ problems, so keep it simple and charge a lot.

Hot tip: charge extra to include vowels in the delivery of design ideas.


Take On A Part-Time Event Planning Role

If you’re a Virgo, then the stars say you have a high expectation of yourself and others on your quest to perfection, which will translate niiiicely to a part-time event planning role. Start thinking of all your Messenger group chats as clients—every time someone mentions ‘weekend hangs’, plan them a trip to the Camberwell Market they’ll never forget!

Hot tip: within your own social circle, start taking charge of catch ups and gatherings and then ask for a gold coin donation at the end of every social event.


Offer Yourself As A Shadow Photographer 

If you’re a Libra, you’re all about justice and equality, which means you believe that everyone should be given the chance to have the Instagram profile of their dreams. Advertise yourself as the ‘silent third wheel’ and rent yourself out to couples going on holiday who need sunset couple beach shots without the hassle of camera timers and Instagram filters. Think of yourself as a consensual paparazzo.

Hot tip: charge double for fake laughing shots.


Become An Adult-Sitter

A Scorpio is usually thought of as ‘an entrepreneur with the ability to overcome massive obstacles’, which means if anyone can turn friendship into a paid gig, it’s you. Got friends who don’t like going to the toilet alone, shopping at Chadstone by themselves or grieving for a loved one in an empty house? Charge them for your company. If they’re a true friend, they’ll understand how badly you need the money.

Hot tip: charge extra for conversation, and add a surcharge for specific emotions, like sympathy.


Train As An Amatuer Calligraphy Artist

If you’re a Sagittarius, then the alignment of the planets tells us that good old fashioned mental challenges get your palms sweating and your heart racing, which is why you’d make such a good amatuer calligraphy artist. As we approach knee-deep levels of the festival season, people all over the country, nay, world need names written on gifts. Now’s your time to shine.

Hot tip: type words in a cursive font on Word, print it off and use it as a stencil.


Become A Contracted Wedding Celebrant

Capricorns apparently make fab companions, which means there’s no one better to oversee the union of other companions (especially now that same sex marriage is legalised $$$). Get your Certificate IV in Celebrancy online and then start bringing loved ones together all over the city once you have that qualification in your hot little hand.

Hot tip: find yourself a unique selling point that other celebrants won’t have, like a good singing voice or exceptionally soft hands.


Sign Up As An Evening Art Model

If you’re an Aquarius, the sixth moon in Saturn tells us that you enjoy art and a leisurely lifestyle, so why not get paid for it! Become an evening art model and let the nooks and crannies of your body’s crevices earn you the big dollars.

Hot tip: try and convince your art class that the human body and the smartphone are one of life’s beautiful juxtapositions, just so they’ll let you play on your phone and not get bored.


Practice Casual Carpentry

Pisces are known for their old souls and deep knowledge, which means whittling walking sticks from old bed slats you find in hard rubbish is the PERFECT casual job to get you that extra holiday money.

Hot tip: start volunteering at a presbyterian home, it’ll give you the opportunity to network and it’ll help you keep your finger on the pulse vis-a-vis the walking aid market.

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