15 Apps That Are Better Than The Kardashians’ Apps

By Clare Acheson
29th Sep 2015

Earlier this month, the celeb-mad world went crazy—or should that be ‘krazy’— for the latest release from the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Kim (the one who’s married to Kanye), Kendall (the catwalk model one), Kylie (the youngest one), and Khloe (the, er, one who is also a Kardashian? I don’t know…) have each released an independent app that promises ‘unprecedented and exclusive personal access’ to their day-to-day lives.

Each app’s monthly subscription fee comes in at $3.79, so you’d only have to forgo one flat white every 4 weeks to have the spare cash to follow your favourite Kardashian. But, with the famous foursome on virtually every newsstand, website and Instagram feed in the country, do you REALLY want to actually PAY to be exposed to more content about them!? No, I thought not. So here are 15 apps that are better than the Kardashians’ apps. You’re welcome.

The Essentials

#1: Weatherzone

Melbourne’s weather is pretty unpredictable, but the Bureau of Meteorology’s Weatherzone app is one of the most reliable out there for figuring out exactly how many layers you need to keep handy on a daily basis. The first app you should check before getting out of bed each morning.

#2: Uber

For those days when you forgot to check Weatherzone and get caught in a hailstorm at 2.30pm on what started out as a sunny spring Tuesday, there’s taxi service app Uber.

#3: Tramtracker

For those days when you forgot to check Weatherzone, get caught in a hailstorm at 2.30pm, and there’s a 16.8x Uber surge charge, there’s the Melbourne tram system and Tramtracker.

#4: Google Inbox

Keep reading emails on the tram and forgetting to actually reply to them? Google’s Inbox app is an amazing piece of software that combines a more interesting interface than your regular inbox reader (e.g. If someone’s sent you a picture, it will show you a preview thumbnail of it before you open the email) with reply reminders and heaps more useful features. Our no.1 recommendation for keeping your email life organised.

#5: Dashlane

If you’re the sort of person who can’t keep track of all the different passwords and accounts you have on the go, Dashlane is your savior. The handy app creates super-secure logins for your accounts, stores them in an encrypted format, and will inform you if there’s a security breach, or of someone signs into one of your accounts on another device that you haven’t approved. Never get fraped again, my friends.

#6: Your banking app

…For obvious cashflow reasons.

#7: Your alarm app

If you’re hot on simplicity, get Wake. If you’re keen to maximize shut-eye, get Sleep Cycle. If you need something that forces you to get up, get active and use your brain, get Mission. If you want a stranger to call you to wake you up, get Wakie.

#8: Your social networks

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or something entirely different, you can guarantee you’ll get a lot more out of keeping up with your friends rather than keeping up with a fame-hungry family of American millionaires.

The Fun Stuff

#9: Dubsmash

Dubsmash is hilarious. The video selfie app lets you mime along to famous audio tracks, creating your very own parody and tribute videos. Let Hugh Jackman, Lena Dunham and Cara Delevigne show you how it’s done.

#10: Happn

If you’re sick of chatting to people on Tinder but never being able to lock in a coffee date IRL because you’re both so damn busy, you’ll love Happn. The dating app connects you with people you cross paths with on a regular basis. Much like Tinder, users create profiles that can be viewed by others, and instead of swiping at random, the app lets you know how many times you have crossed paths with another user, making starting a conversation or teeing up a date reasonably straight-forward. An awesome app for creating opportunities to connect with new people!

#11: Colorfy

If you love the idea of doing a spot of colouring-in during your lunch break, but don’t have any art supplies to hand, Colorfy is a cracking find. The app lets you choose different patterns or illustrations to add colour to, making it the perfect way to distress and zone-out in the middle of a hectic day.

#12: Periscope

Periscope is social sharing 2.0, allowing you to upload, share and view video with other users. You can even stream your own video content in realtime if you want to, giving people a unique insight into your world. Hey, your stream might not be as glamorous at the Kardashians’, but you can guarantee someone, somewhere in the world will be fascinated by it! A fantastic way of travelling around the globe without leaving your couch.

#13: 20 Day Stranger

If Periscope sounds like your thing, you’ll love 20 Day Stranger too. The trial app (now in beta) pairs you with one person on the other side of the world and supplies you with 20 days worth of content, giving you an insight into their lives as you both go about your everyday routines. Another amazing app that lets you broaden your horizons, no holiday budget needed. 

#14: Reddit’s AMA app

AMAs (‘ask me anything’s) are seriously one of the greatest things that the internet has gifted unto the world. The public forums, hosted on Reddit, allow users to ask celebrities, public figures, or everyday people with interesting jobs or experiences just about anything. The AMA app lets you get involved with any AMAs that are currently live, making for fascinating interviews and insights. Don’t believe us? Check out previous AMAs from Barack Obama, Steve BuscemiSir David Attenborough, Bill Murray, a freed North Korean political prisoner, a Disney World princess

#15: Jenga

Ah, those lovable wooden blocks! The Jenga app is surprisingly life-like, meaning that you have to be super-careful when slowly pulling blocks out from the digital stack. We can’t wait for this to get updated to incorporate the iPhone 6S 3D Touch functionality, which is totally blowing our minds right now. Totally worth the download, Listers!

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Image credit: Kendall Jenner App

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