15 Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Will Put Santa To Shame

By Millie Lester
20th Dec 2017

If you’ve been near the CBD this week, then you’d know that it’s currently a festering pit of hell.

Families are walking four abreast in Myer, there are more people lined up outside the Christmas windows than in the friggin’ building and the post office has more muppets than an episode of Sesame Street. Why? Because every year what seems like a quarter of the national population leaves their Christmas shopping until the last minute. Not because they work well under pressure like their resume says, but because they spent the better part of the last fortnight binge watching The Crown and forgot to get a present for Nan.

But what if we told you there’s a way you could still bag a brilliant last-minute gift for your loved ones without wanting to coathanger people in the mall for looking at their phones while they walk? Well, there bloody well is. is a new website down under where you can browse a whopping range of gifts for every Tom, Dick and Uncle Harry and then digitally wrap them with a personalised Christmas card, all in under two minutes on your goddamn smartphone. You can place your order at the pub, on the loo, in the insane line at Boost Juice, and even on Christmas Day, because Giftflick allows you to send your gift immediately to the recipient via sms or email. Freaking bonza.

That’s right, the future is here and the heaving human circus that is the CBD right now can officially stick it because Giftflick has over 250 products ranging from zero-to-alotta dollars, which means your entire family is sorted.

Here are 15 of our faves that’ll put even Santa to shame.

For Your Pet

#1 Make all your Christmas dreams come true this year by treating yo’ self and yo’ doggo to a matching cap and collar for only $69.

#2 Give your cultural kitten the gift it deserves with a Custom Pet Art Piece for a very modest $70.

#3 Give your feline even more room to move with a Cat Playhouse IN THE SHAPE OF A FREAKING FIRE ENGINE for a measly $39.

For Mum

#1 Give your mum the absolute run around and gift her a ‘Tree Planted in Your Honour’ digital voucher for a priceless total of $0.

#2 Make all her wildest dreams come true by also presenting her with a voucher for ‘Breakfast in Bed’, again coming to the sweet total of $0. (Obviously make her do the dishes afterwards, you can’t let your parents get complacent in their old age).

#3 Drop some actual cash on your mum this Christmas and treat the lovely lass to an authentic Italian Cooking Class, including four courses and a glass of prosecco, for only $100.

For Dad

#1 Give your dad permission to drive your mum up the absolute wall with a stand up comedy set delivered to his very own home for only $225.

#2 Immortalise his favourite AFL player with a personalised footy figurine for only $123.

#3 Book in an arvo when Mum’s not home and treat him to a Marilyn Monroe Singagram for only $175.

For Your Girlfriend

#1 Help your lady move on from Tosser Steve by gifting her the Get over your Ex – boxing session for a low low $200.

#2 Get unlimited foot massages for a year and give her a Giant tub of Nutella for only $49.

#3 Release the oompa loompa within with the gift of an Organic Spray Tan at Home for $60.

For Your Boyfriend

#1 Send a not-so-subtle hint to your stanky pants man with a pair of flatulence filtering underwear for only $59.

#2 Get rid of the rotten McChicken meal smell in the backseat and give your boyf some Old Skool Hip Hop Car Fresheners for a sweet, sweet $25.

#3 Get down on his level and buy him something he’ll actually love, like an Edible Insect Gift Pack for only $35.

Wanna check out the rest of this jaw-dropping, wallet-shattering range? Head to to flick the CBD the absolute bird this Christmas and save yourself a boatload of hassle.

Image credit: Stocksy.

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