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20 Things to Do In Melbourne Under $20

By Clare Acheson
22nd May 2015

Listers, we know that times can be tough. We’ve all had that week where all we’ve got to our name is a bunch of overdrawn Mykis, incomplete coffee loyalty cards, and a single crumpled twenty. So, when you’re next in that sitch, here are 20 things to do in Melbourne that are worth breaking that last note on. #struglife

1. Drink a milkshake at Boy & Co. Milkshakes are great, and the Boy & Co ones hit the spot every time. Go for the Britney Spearmint at $6 for a small or $8.50 for a large—you won’t regret it!

2. Eat two cheeseburgers at Tuck Shop Take Away. Yup, they’re only $9.50 each, so skip breakfast and do the double.

3. Get your art on at the NGV. You can get into the general collections for nada, and ticketed shows start from $15 per adult. Get inspired, people!

4. Catch a film at Carlton art-house cinema, Cinema Nova. Adult tickets are $19.50 each, but our top tip is going on a Monday, when movies are $7 before 4pm and $9 after. Bargain.

5. Play some retro arcade games at Forgotten Worlds, Collingwood, where $20 will get you an awesome beer and a couple of rounds of Street Fighter. One of our top things to do in Melbourne on a rainy evening.

6. Make your own fro-yo dessert at Yo-Chi in Hawthorn, Balaclava, Carlton or Yarraville. You can be as frugal or as lavish as you wish—these guys charge by weight, but we’re pretty sure you’d have to go waaaaay overboard to hit the $20 mark!

7. Do some urban exploring and ride the free tram zone for a day.

8. Check out some world-class street art at Hosier Lane… One of our top things to do in Melbourne for free? You betcha!

9. Pick up a book at Readings, Hawthorn and Carlton. Protip: They do a great line in bargain Penguin Classics, starting at $9.95 each.

10. Find an extra dollar and head to KBox for some karaoke happy hour action, which is only $21 per person before 7pm!

11. Drink a hot chocolate at Mork Chocolate Brew House in North Melbourne. Make sure it’s the campfire hot chocolate, served with black salt and smoke (!), which is one of Melbourne’s top foodie experiences for under twenty bucks at a mere $8 a serve.

12. Brush up on (or discover?) your art skills at Abbotsford Convent’s life drawing classes, every Sunday from 1pm for $20 a pop.

13. Eat a hotdog (with a side of immature laughter if you’re anything like us!) at Massive Wieners, Prahran.

14. Dance like a diva at Bey Dance in the Lu Wow, which takes place every Thursday night for $15 a session. If you don’t fancy busting a move, The LuWow also serves 2-4-1 cocktails for $15 on Thursdays. Good times either way!

15. Learn to speak Greek at Laneway Learning. For a mere $14 you can learn a whole new language! Well, a word or two anyway...

16. Drink a Melbourne Bitter in a rooftop train carriage at Easey’s. I know what you’re thinking, Melbourne Bitter = No freakin’ way, but these guys serve it on tap in the coolest venue around.

17. Gorge on donuts at Shortstop Coffee & Donuts in Melbourne CBD, which start at $4 each…That’s five whole rings of joy for your twenty!

18. Hire a Melbourne Bike Share bike and have a near-death experience go for a cycle. Those blue stallions are only $2.80 a day to hire, or $8.00 a week, so get peddling!

19. Go to a gig in Fitzroy institution The Old Bar. Tuesday nights are usually $6 entry with Kraken Rum specials. Cheers!

20. Eat 20 $1 oysters at Panama Dining Room, Fitzroy, every weekday night between 6pm and 7pm.

So, Listers, there you have it: 20 things to do in Melbourne that are worth your last twenty. Get at it!

To help you through those times when you’re short on cashola, we’ve partnered with our friends at Nimble to bring you the 20 best things to do in Melbourne for under $20. These lists are researched and recommended by The Urban List and brought to you by Nimble. Still struggling on the cash front? See what Nimble might be able to do for you.

Image credit: Tuck Shop Take Away by Sabine Legrand for The Urban List

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