4 New Year’s Resolutions You Need To Plan Now

By Clare Acheson
15th Dec 2015


If you’re anything like me, New Year’s resolutions are a necessary evil. Sure, you’ve been aware that cutting back on sugar has been on your ‘to-do’ list since July, and that you had committed to going for a run at least three times a week since all your mates ran the Melbourne Marathon back in October, but it takes the advent of December 31st for you to actually step up to the challenge.

From curbing stress, to reading actual books (and not just status updates), to learning how to cook your favourites from scratch rather than ordering in, here are four of our top New Year’s resolutions that you should be planning now.

What are you going to nail in 2016?

#1: Be A Less Stressed, More Mindful Human Being

Nobody starts January wishing they were more stressed than the previous year. In an effort to make 2016 your most chilled-out year ever, kick start the New Year with a mindfulness class and devote regular time to unwinding your mind.

The Melbourne Meditation Centre runs some fantastic courses on meditation and mindfulness, many of which are ideal for beginners. If a weekly course isn’t your thing, their range of mini day-long retreats and four-day retreats, that take place in a beautiful location in Healesville, are a great bet. Book in now to avoid missing out.

Looking for a weekly hour of relaxation? If you’re already familiar with some deep breathing and mindfulness techniques - whether picked up at a yoga class or at a mindfulness session - float therapy is a fantastic way to commit to an hour zoning out. Gravity Floatation Centre’s two locations in Armadale and Northcote are our favourite place for a float experience that will leave you feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated.

#2: Brush Up On Your Healthy Cooking Skills

If the mantra ‘you are what you eat,’ quite literally came true in 2015, I personally would have ended the year as a living, breathing banh-mi-iced-scroll hybrid. In an effort to avoid the same peril in 2016, nutrition classes that teach you how your body works, as well as how to make some delicious recipes, are right at the top of my resolution list.

If you have always been curious about fodmap-style cooking and learning to listen to your own body, Work Shop’s Fermenting and Gut Health Workshop with Hannah from the awesome healthy eating blog Solstice Nutrition, should be top of your list. While it might not have the sexiest title ever, you’ll learn all about how your digestive system nourishes the your body, as well as how to pickle and ferment your own veggies. This class runs on Wednesday 3 Feburary – book in here.

For a happiness-focussed health kick, get in touch with the Serotonin Dealer, whose first educational course focussing on exercising and eating your way to happiness begins in January. The course runs throughout the entire year, helping you stick to your resolution for the entire 12 months. Now that’s a rarity...

#3: Shake Up Your Career

Going to bed on Sunday evenings with that feeling of Monday-morning anxiety in the pit of your stomach is a sure-fire sign that your career needs a shake up. Make 2016 the year that you ditch that dread and start making changes to your career path.

Not sure where to start? On Saturday 16 January the School of Life, AKA everyone’s favourite hub for life advice that actually works, are hosting a seminar on How To Find A Job You Love. It’s the perfect solution for those of you who are feeling a little lost in the workplace.

If learning a new skill is likely to set you on a better path, get yourself to General Assembly’s Open House on Thursday 14 January, where you can discover a world of courses that can help you up-skill or diversify your portfolio. Always fancied making your own app, or looking to go solo but need to figure out how to market yourself? These guys have the answers.

#4: Read Something Longer Than A Tweet

While social media is great, and there’s definitely some fascinating stuff out there on the world wide web, there’s a lot to be gained from taking your reading habits offline. If getting back into reading printed pages is on your resolution list, there are heaps of book clubs, subscriptions and even literary magazines you should be signing up for before the clock strikes midnight.

Talking to others about what you are reading as a fantastic way to stay motivated. Starting on Monday 18 January, Work Shop’s weekly book club, Extraordinary Reads, is sounding promising. Run by Madeline Dore of Extraordinary Routines, the club tackles a different book each week - you’ll find the book title on the event booking page prior, so you can pick up a copy and get reading – making for some fascinating conversation.

Finding it hard to decide what to read? Get yourself (or a friend… what an ace Christmas gift!) a subscription to Bookabuy, a monthly mystery book delivery service. You can select your favourite genres, or leave it up to the Bookabuy team to pick you something completely random.

If the latest 300-page paperback is sounding a little ambitious, Australia is home to some wonderful literary magazines that make for great short reading. The Lifted Brow is a brilliant bi-monthly mag that covers everything from current affairs to comedy, and if short stories are more your thing, The Canary Press is a cracking quarterly read. Get yourself a subscription now and, every time a magazine pops up in your post box, remember your resolution to actually read it.

Got a totally different resolution on your list? I would love to hear about it! Drop me an email here

Image credit: Fit For Fun via Pinterest

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