Delicious CBD Dinners for Under $15

By Iro Kotsimbos
24th Mar 2015

We’re all across the fact that there are some damn fine cheap eats in the Melbourne CBD, right? Right. It’s no secret that a well-priced, tasty and filling meal is easy to track down for lunch, but when it comes to dinner, prices can often grow quicker than Pinocchio’s nose.

So whatcha gonna do, Listers? Forget huffing your way around the CBD in search of a well-priced dinner; we’ve got the best cheap eats on speed dial! In fact, we’ve tracked down a bunch of the most delicious dinners in Melbourne CBD for less than $15. Thank us later!

Salami Pizza at Vapiano

Flinders Lane

Think you can’t get a decent pizza in Melbourne CBD for less than $15? Think again, Listers! Italian restaurant, Vapiano, is our go-to for fresh, delicious pizzas that don’t cost a bomb…in fact, there are a number under $15! The Salami is our fave; Australian sourced salami with house made pizza sauce and a generous sprinkling of mozzarella (cos we don’t like places that skimp!). Vapiano also offer some stellar pastas and salads under $15, securing their place as one of the best spots for cheap eats in Melbourne CBD in a snap. Great for group dinners, too!

Mexican Meatball or Adobo Chicken Burrito at Fonda

Flinders Lane

‘I like burritos and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny’…oh wait, that’s not how the song went… Either way, our love for burritos is undeniable, especially when you can get one for dinner in Melbourne CBD for only 15 smackeroos! That’s right, Listers, Mexican restaurant Fonda dishes up some of the tastiest burritos you’re likely to sink your fangs into, including the Mexican Meatball, with smoked chilli beef, salsa, chipotle aioli, tort crisps and shaved cabbage, and the Adobo Chicken, with spinach, charred corn, chipotle aioli and those tasty tort crisps. If you’ve got an extra dolla on hand (‘I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need, hey hey’) order the Rockling Fish—you won’t regret it!

Chashu Tomago Ramen Bowl at Little Ramen Bar

Little Bourke Street

Ask anyone in the TUL office about who makes their personal list of best cheap eats in Melbourne CBD and I guarantee you they’ll mention Little Ramen Bar! Located on Little Bourke Street, Little Ramen Bar is top spot for a delicious filling dinner that’ll leave you with change from $15. There are a HEAP of ramen bowls to choice from, however you can’t go past the Chashu Tomago—a classic ramen bowl topped with slices of BBQ pork and a traditional seasoned egg, in a shoyu, miso, or shio broth. So damn good!

Pulled Pork and Sides at Fancy Hank’s BBQ

Queen Street

All hail Fancy Hank’s, the masters of American BBQ in Melbourne! In all seriousness, Fancy Hank’s BBQ is responsible for some of the softest, juiciest, tastiest meat we’ve tried, so the fact you can get a delicious dinner for $15 totally makes our day. And what does that $15 buy you? Oh you know, 100g of some damn fine pulled pork plus two Southern style sides. We’ve partial to the corn bread and burnt end beans, however the mac ‘n’ cheese, collard greens and hush puppies are also equally as excellent. Oh maaaaan, now we’re drooling!

KSA Burger at Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Bourke Street

Last but not least is Grand Trailer Park Taverna on Bourke Street, home to some of the best burgers in Melbourne. A prime example of a simple burger done extraordinarily well, the KSA features a juicy Aussie beef pattie, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, special sauce and American mustard, sandwiched in the middle of a lightly toasted brioche bun. Heaven! The best part? This glorious burger is only $13.50, easily one of the best cheap eats in the CBD!

There you have it, Listers—some awesome spots for dinner in Melbourne CBD for $15 or less! Any we’ve missed? Email us to let us know your pick!

Image Credit: Fonda Facebook

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