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6 Homewares Stores To Check Out This September

By James Shackell
7th Sep 2017


Styling your home is basically a full-time occupation now. If people come round for tea and you DON’T have a Monstera plant and a couple of vintage cameras dotted about your living room, your guests are well within their rights to mock you and then leave. Sounds harsh, but we didn’t make the rules.

If your place needs a little Block-style decorating—something to make that Shayana Blaze lady raise her bangled hands and say ‘Now THIS is more like it.’—we know just the spots. All you’ll need is impeccable taste and a lot of money. Nothing to it, really.



Statement pieces. That's what this place is all about. Colourful, quirky homewares that will make your dinner party guests stop and say "What the hell is that and where can I get one?"  Homewares curator Lucy Fenton has built a temple to the weird and the wonderful here: furniture, arts, homewares, bed spreads, boutique art from Annie Everingham and Michael Bond. You can get it all at fenton&fenton. Our personal favourites are the bed heads. Stretched natural leather over a timber frame; the perfect mod-Scandi bedroom accent. 

Ivy Muse


Even serial plant killers will take pleasure browsing through Ivy Muse. It’s essentially house porn for consenting adults—a store dedicated to indoor greenery and plant-holders, with a few boutique ceramic homewares sprinkled in for good measure. The atmosphere in there is like 115% oxygen. You probably emerge 6 months younger than when you went in. Co-owners Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan are on hand with some tips for plant care (pro tip: don’t overwater. You’re killing them with kindness) and you can even pick up accessories from Wingnut & Co and Studio Twocan.



FLOC describes itself as a ‘coastal concept store’, which basically means modern beach-style homewares, plus a few hand-shaped Almond surfboards. These guys started down in surf-crazy Torquay and Avoca Beach, opening their first Melbourne store in Collingwood earlier in the year. The end result is part Billabong, part Cereal magazine: muted pastels and blond timber, and a bunch of on-trend homewares from WOUD. The bricks and mortar store is mysteriously closed from time to time, but there’s an online business too if you want to shop in your PJs while eating Mi Goreng.  

Scout House

St Kilda

We get it. We’re partial to the whole Scandi-mod aesthetic too. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to mix it up a little. Enter St Kilda’s Scout House. Refreshingly, Scout ISN’T another mod-Scandi temple to refined and elegant minimalism. It’s a rough and tumble mix of western European antiques, industrial homewares and bespoke furniture, handpicked by owner Orlando Mesiti on one of his many trips to France and Belgium. Expect anything from French Pine breadboards from the late 1800s to vintage Dutch bistro tables.  

Hunting For George


Pastels, prints and pine. Three things you can expect at Hunting For George, Richmond’s famous homewares emporium. There’s an online store for lazy shoppers, but half the fun is heading down to their showroom and having a squiz. It’s a cool space—all peeling paint and exposed brickwork—and it’s chock full of local and international brands. Thinks Milk & Sugar, Menu, Armadillo & Co, Bellroy and Pop & Scott. If you don’t know those names, it doesn’t matter. Just go to the store and point at things you like. There will be many things you like.  



Southwood is all about the local, natural, fair trade homewares. Things that haven’t travelled too far, and didn’t cost the earth to get there. Most of the well-known local boutiques are represented in the showroom, names like Armadillo & Co, Bemboka, Natural Bedding Company, Tide, Lapuan Kankurit, Teixidors, Dharma Door, Robert Gordon and Hey Sign. The ethical stance if refreshing, and the staff are universally lovely (must be something to do with working inside a Pinterest board for a living). Oh yeah, they also have cushions. Many many cushions.

There's a dedicated Harry Potter store opening in Australia, find out all about it here

Image credit: Ivy Muse 

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