5 New Melbourne Cafes To Try This Month

By James Shackell
17th Aug 2017


It’s the age-old Sunday morning conundrum. Do you stick with your local caf’, the place that raised you as a child, where everybody knows your name and they’re always extra generous with the feta...or do you try somewhere new? A cafe whose feta-ratio-policy you don’t know. Where the chilli scrambled could change your life forever...or be a huge let-down that you will relate to future grandchildren as a warning against the dangers of trying to be spontaneous. Maybe we’re overthinking it...

Anyway, if you want to shake up your weekend brunch bash. These are the five new Melbourne cafes to try. Thank us later.

Good Egg

South Melbourne 

Egg-based concept cafes have popped up in New York and London over the last couple of years, and now it’s Melbourne’s turn. Good Egg is South Melbourne’s new egg-centric brunch bar, specialising in all things that emerge from a chicken (well, not ALL things). Their menu contains a lot of eggs, as you might expect, and the B&E roll is a definite highlight (crispy bacon, fried egg, Swiss cheese & Houses of Parliament sauce). We recommend the scotch eggs though. A bit of a throwback, but these come with a delicious pork and fennel coating, crumbed in panko and fried to a crisp.

Light Years Cafe


What comes to mind when we mention the phrase ‘pixel avocado’? Probably not a whole lot. Which is why Light Years is so exciting. It’s a cutting-edge cafe that’s just popped up on Camberwell Rd in Hawthorn, and it’s doing a space-age looking dish that involves chilli air-dried kale, edamame hummus, pickled radish, nori...and a pixelated avocado smash. It’s an 8-bit avocado with some serious attitude. What else would you expect from chef Simon Ward (ex Vue de Monde, Hammer & Tong)?

Platform 7

Glen Waverley 

If you’ve been to Hash Specialty Coffee in the CBD, you’ll know what to expect from Platform 7, Glen Waverley’s newest bruncherie cum diner. This is Hash’s new little sister, and its built on the same industrial-street-art foundations. More importantly, they’ve brought along Hash’s signature hot chocolate: an 85% dark blend, courtesy of Mörk, that you pour over a pillowy cloud of sugar fairy floss. This thing has been causing rubbernecks in Hardware St for years. Now Glen Waverley can enjoy the show.

Buenos Dias

Carlton North

Probably our favourite opening of the last six months. Buenos Dias is happiness and fun personified. It’s a little Latin American cafe that’s appeared on Nicholson St in Carlton North (the ghost-town suburbia bit you usually drive through on your way to somewhere else). And it’s doing our frontrunner for Breakfast of The Year, the Calentao Rolo: wild Spanish rice mixed with house-made chorizo, pulled pork and beans, topped with fried eggs, crispy arepa and lemony smashed av’. Goes down a treat with a strong Colombian latte.    

Kings & Knaves


The CBD’s brand new, honest-to-goodness toast bar. Kings & Knaves is doing for toast what Michael Jordan did for basketball. The menu is built around an encyclopedic bread menu, courtesy of Noisette, plus A-Grade toppings like smoked salmon, St David’s Dairy crème fraiche, house-made berry compote, crushed pistachios and Rooftop Honey. Safe to say, this isn’t your standard Tip Top and vegemite. The coffee is All Press Espresso, and Mörk have jumped on board to provide a killer hot chocolate. Everything you need to start the morning right. 

Want to give the high-fat-low-carb diet a try? We know just the cafe for you

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White | Buenos Dias

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