6 of the Best Croissants in Melbourne

By Stefanie Reilly
23rd Jun 2014

The croissant: a long-standing, melt-in-your mouth French staple, occupying the cabinets of bakeries and patisseries for years and years. A delicious brekkie alongside a nice cup of coffee as you read the morning paper, or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when the clock strikes 3 on a never-ending workday. Sure they're indulgent, buttery and at times stuffed with decadent chocolate, but when you get a craving, it's just too hard to say no to a croissant. Take this guide to the best croissants in Melbourne as our permission for you to treat yourself and get gobbling on some of the best pastries in town.

Chez Dré

South Melbourne

Step into Chez Dré and you know they've got it going on: from their super cute denim aprons (fashion meets pastry), to their mesmerising display cabinet, which can really only be described and classy food porn. Order a classic croissant and you'll be served with a buttery (but not too buttery), crispy (but only in the right places), flavourful croissant that you can tell all your friends about. These classy croissant experts use imported French butter to cook with, but serve with a uniquely Australian cultured butter to spread on top. There's also a house-made raspberry and orange blossom water jam that adds all the right 'oohs and ahhs' so you'll walk out feeling completely satisfied. Bonus: Chez also has a special choc almond croissant that you absolutely must try! You're welcome.

French Fantasies

South Yarra

This artisan bakery located on Toorak Road has some of the best, most delicious French pastries going around, including one of Melbourne's best croissant. If you haven't given French Fantasies a whirl yet, you really need to grab your BFF and get down there! Choose the almond croissant and you know you won't go home hungry. This larger than your average, mighty delight gets it right every time, with fluffy layers of calorific pastry acting as a base for the sprinkling of almonds that dot the top. The classic croissant is just as good, boasting a buttery flavour that hits you at first bite and returns for the perfect finish. French Fantasies also does a selection of mini croissants, so if you're just after a little craving crusher, you're in good hands.

Adriano Zumbo Patissier

South Yarra

Put your hand up if you know who Adriano Zumbo is? Okay, okay, we get it; you know he's like THE macaron man. But… he also gets a few other things right, including one of best croissants in Melbourne. If you're an almond lover, you're going to love this version because it has a standout almond paste layer that is rich with flavour. It's great if that's your thing, but if you're more of a traditional kinda kid who loves that smooth buttery taste, fear not because you're going to get a whole lot outta their standard croissant, too. In a nutshell (or say a pastry oven?) the crew at Zumbo's know what they're doing. You know this. We know this. So just go get some, K?


Port Melbourne

These guys are friendly, super friendly. And they're good at making croissants too, but of course this is obvious because they supply a tonne of cafes around Melbourne (including a standalone store at Prahran Market), and are famous for about a trillion other French delights, too! Head pastry chef, Stephane Bordes, is the main player at this popular Port Melbourne haunt, perfecting each and every one of his creations on a daily basis. The man is passionate and skilled at what he does. Beat the rush and get in nice and early to enjoy your yummy classic croissant – the most popular variety at the Noisette counter. Served with specialty French butter and a fruity house-made jam, this breed of French pastry is light, fluffy and has everything you need in a good brekkie. Oh and make sure you grab a coffee too. They absolutely nail it.

Lune Croissanterie


All hail Lune. If you're already a bit of croissant connoisseur, you've probably already had the pleasure of biting into one of their amazing croissants at one of the fortunate cafes around Melbourne who proudly used to (sob) house them. But if you're new to the group perhaps you've only heard whispers of the elusive Lune and discovered their famous croissants are not as easy to come by as you first thought.

That's right, fellow croissant lovers, Lune are no longer supplying cafes with their French pastries because they've got their own digs in the trendy suburb of Elwood, and well… you kinda have to be an early riser to get them. We're talking every Friday from 7.30am and every Saturday and Sunday from 8am until sold out. It's definitely worth setting the alarm and braving the queue though, because once you bite into those delicate layers of pastry, you'll know it's all been worth the while. We're calling it – this popular patisserie does the very best croissants in Melbourne town.



Since opening its doors just over five years ago, Choukette in Brunswick's Sydney Road has been busy dishing up classic, almond and choc croissants to the masses. Nans Wojtcak is at the helm of this busy patisserie and to him, it's all about keeping things classic. Absolutely everything is made in-house, from the croissants, to the yummy selection of jams – even the marshmallows in the baby cinos are house-made specialities. Nans believes croissants are better served on their own, but if you like a bit of something something on the side, there's a stack of jams to tickle your fancy such as pear and walnut, caramel and pear, or their number one – strawberry! Take advantage of their special $5.50 croissant and coffee deal – whether you sit in or take-away, you'll leave content.

Editor's Note: We're also pretty smitten with these savoury croissants!

Image Credit: Mowielicious, photography by Mowie Kay

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