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6 of Melbourne’s Best Non-Tacky Bucks Parties

By Clare Acheson
10th Jul 2015

Lads, we know how out-of-hand bucks parties can get—it’s all well and good until someone starts a fight/pashes a stripper/ends up spending a night in jail (or, worse yet, Geelong – just kidding!). In an effort to help you betrothed Listers avoid the slippery slope of King Street on a Saturday night, here are our top recommendations for Melbourne bucks parties that’ll leave you feeling refined, gentlemanly and a hell of a lot more worthy of the company of the finer sex on your big day.

#1: Learn to butcher like a boss with Peter Bouchier

Wanna sit down to dinner on your big day having butchered the roast yourself? Melbourne’s top butcher Peter Bouchier runs classes teaching gents (and ladies) how to make the most out of lamb, pork, beef and other meat cuts. The latest series of classes (which we previewed here) coming up in August is for you lamb-lovers. Coming complete with a lamb feast, matched beers and wines, and a wealth of meat know-how, the sessions are definitely worth booking yourself and your mates in for. Looking for a private bucks bonanza? Get in touch with Peter himself to lock in some man-time brushing up on your meat skills.

#2: Camp out & have a beer-athon with St. Jerome’s – The Hotel & Temple Brewing Co.

If your mates are the world traveller type (ie. their Tinder profile features pics of them at six of the seven wonders of the world, posing with sleepy tigers, polar bears and boa constrictors), impress them with a stay in Melbourne’s world-first camping hotel, St. Jerome’s – The Hotel. Not only is the view from this CBD venue epic and the tents top-notch, the hotel has teamed up with the beer legends at Temple Brewing Co. to run bespoke brewery tours of their Brunswick East location this July. Beer, camping and complementary cocktail hour, all within walking distance of the best CBD bars? Literally the coolest bucks party in Melbourne that we can think of.

#3: Fish for your supper at Buxton Trout & Salmon Farm

So, you’re headed for the great outdoors because you know waaaaay too many people in the city that you can’t afford to embarrass yourself in front of. Good plan, sir! Get your buck’s party to Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm (or should that be Bucks-ton…heh) for some fishing action, where you can spend a day catching rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon before barbequeing them and enjoying your haul in the fresh air with a few bevvys. Wholesome fun, just make sure nobody ends up in the lake…

#4: Get to grips with leatherworking, ukulele playing & bike building at Workshop

Fitzroy hub of rad skills that you actually want to learn, Work Shop, hosts a smorgasboard of awesome bucks-worthy workshops, all of which we can see coming in useful on the big day. In need of some flashy brogues for walking down the aisle? Lock in their leatherwork course! Want your groomsmen to arrive in perfect synchronisation atop immaculate fixies? Get them to the bike maintenance workshop! Want to serenade your sweetheart? Take the ukulele masterclass! (The dude that runs this one claims that these questionable instruments are ‘mysterious, compelling, seductive.’ Ummmm…) Oh, Work Shop, we love you.

#5: School your bros in whisky with The Humble Tumbler

The Humble Tumbler run some of the most legitimately fun whisky tastings in Melbourne. Situated in The Attic, the posh wood-clad upstairs bar above Fitzroy’s The Black Pearl, the classes are run by Fred Siggins, who has a wealth of whisky knowledge as well as a cracking wit. One of the best buck’s parties in Melbourne that is guaranteed to impress the bridesmaids rather than have them running for the hills.

If The Humble Tumbler is all booked out, get on the phone to Bar 1806 or Whisky & Alement, who also run epic whisky sessions.

#6: Taxidermy an army of mice at Rest in Pieces

No, this is not a joke. Northcote taxidermy studio Rest In Pieces actually runs classes where you can taxidermy your very own mouse. Now to find someone who can make them tiny tuxedos and top hats…The perfect Bad Taxidermy worthy cake decoration for your big day!

Know of more great ideas for a bucks party in Melboune? Let me know about them here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for hen party inspiration, check out Melbourne’s Best Non-Tacky Hens Parties.

Image credit: The Hangover - Warners Brothers

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