8 of the Best Cat Lady Buys

By Pip Jarvis
25th Jun 2015

Dogs are fine and dandy, but when it comes to the style stakes, cats are where it’s at. Amirite, fellow feline fanciers? There is, however, a fine line between cat lady chic and cat lady ick, so we’ve rounded up the fanciest cat-centric merch to help you walk the line purfectly. Behold 8 of the best cat lady buys, miaow and forever.

# 1 ­– The cat lady bible

The cat lady is the most stylish, smart, cultured and generally cool woman going around. Fact. She’s well read, with an appreciation for art, music, design and fashion. Oh, and cats, lots of cats. She gets her fix of all the above in awesome new mag, Puss Puss. Expect beautiful photography, excellent interviews and tabby or two to ‘naw’ over.

Puss Puss Issue 2, $24.95, available from Magnation and online

#2 – Kitty liter(ature)

It’s kind of depressing to envy the life of a cat. But, when it comes to Kaiser Karl’s darling Choupette, we are positively green.  While we eat microwave meals off Ikea’s finest, this pampered pussy travels the world and eats off Goyard silver. In Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, she holds forth on the ‘art of living’. Rub it our faces, why dontcha.

Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, $24.99, available from Readings stores and online

#3 – Peeping tom

Keep the cat in (or on) the bag with this hiding cat tote from Karen Walker. We’re a little bit gutted we missed out on the awesome t-shirt version, so we’re making sure we get our paws on this bright and roomy tote while we still can.

Cat Tote, $73 plus postage, from Karen Walker online

#4 – All-you-can-read catty goodness

A love letter to the best pet any household can have (let the hate mail rain), The Big New Yorker Book of Cats makes a thoughtful gift for your cerebral, cat-loving BFF. A bumper collection of cat-inspired poems, articles, fiction, cartoons, drawings and more, full of beautiful, full-colour images. The cat’s pyjamas.

The Big New Yorker Book of Cats, $70, from Happy Valley and online

#5 – Cat’s eyes

A killer pair of cat's eye sunglasses never go out of style, and we would rob our grandma for this gorge Dita pair. They're super chic in black and gold, but we’re breaking our hearts over the tortoiseshell version with violet lenses.

Heartbreaker sunglasses, $675, from One Point Seven Four

#6 – The quirky grey marle tee

We love a good grey marle tee like a fat kid loves cake, and this one’s just purfect. Make like Cat Woman, and pair with black leather.

Cat Tee, $90, from Handsom stores and online

#7 – The subtle nod

If you’re hesitant to let your feline freak flag fly in case you scare off ALL of the men, might we suggest you walk a fine line with this, er, Karen Walker ring. Available in silver and gold, it’s a subtle nod to your furry friend.

Cat Ring, $125 (sale price), available from Incu and online

#8 – Snuggle buddy

If your landlord is a big fat meanie and won’t let you have the real thing, this cute-as cat cushion from Arro Home is nearly as good as the real thing. Soft, stroke-able and cuddly, it’ll make any animal-free house a home.

Black Cat Cushion, $59.95, available from The Family Love Tree and online

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