Melbourne Has Totally Out-Melbourned Itself With The Ultimate Luxe Venue

By Millie Lester
12th Jan 2017

Get the gals on the phone toot sweet because Crown has just unveiled a revolutionary new entertainment destination in Melbourne and we have just three words for you: Golden. Bowling. Balls. Actually we've got a whole 7 reasons you need to hustle over to Kingpin Crown ASAP because we literally cannot stop gushing about this luxe new venue. Pop the kettle on, bookmark your new Chrissie copy of Anna Kendrick’s autobio and pull up a seat on your IKEA modular chaise, because we've only just scratched the surface of this literal gift from the Gawds.

1. It’s The Ultimate Night Out

After an extreme makeover that will no doubt bags it the title of 'Melbourne's Next Top Entertainment Venue' from bowling aficionado Tyra Banks herself, Kingpin Crown have recently unveiled what is undoubtedly the most state-of-the-art bowling experience you'll ever (EVER) bare witness to in your life. But it’s not just bowling, oh hell no; it’s everything. It’s pre-d’s, pre-pre-d’s, dinner, dessert, post-d’s, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, dancing, and cocktails. It’s your one-stop-shop for the best night of your life, and it’s right here, IN MELBOURNE.

2. It’s In A Killer Location

It’s literally located in one of the biggest entertainment complexes in the Southern Hemisphere (you heard me)–Crown Casino. I don’t care how delayed trains are on the Craigieburn line; there are still about eleven other ways to get there and trust me, you want to exhaust all options.

3. The Menu Is LIT

I’m talking a Mac & Three Cheeseburger, BBQ pulled pork sliders, Southern fried crispy chicken, smokey Memphis BBQ pork ribs and Belgian Banoffee waffles.

4. They Serve Cocktails Made From $2000 Patrón

I don’t mean to alarm you, but be alarmed. They stock bottles of alcohol worth more than your car (if your car’s a 2003 Mitsubishi Mirage that has hit one-too-many Maccas drive-thrus).

5. There Are FOUR Event Spaces.

These bad boys have four premium event spaces. FOUR. Ranging from dining and drinking, all the way through to arcade gaming and luxury state-of-the-art bowling (IS THIS HEAVEN??).

6. And They Are All Luxe AF

These lavish rooms are all a thousand times more decadent than anything you’ve seen on The Block. They include 'The Hub'; a 75-seat open casual dining restaurant featuring the previously drooled over dishes, 'Room 300'; a Patrón-sponsored hella-fancy cocktail bar and lounge that screams ‘gals night’, ‘date night’, ‘mates night’ and ‘I want to forget that $300 parking fine I got this morning night’, 'Playtime' zone; a stellar arcade jam-packed with Australian-first games, and ~wait for it~

7. ‘Pins Royale’!!

This is an exclusive event space fit with mahogany lanes and GOLDEN BOWLING BALLS.

*drops mic*

*walks out*

*goes to Kingpin*

*sets up a tab under parent’s name*

*never leaves*

For more info or to book your night out at Kingpin, head to their website

Image credit: Griffin Simm for The Urban List

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