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Drink Beer, Do Good, This Sustainable Brewery Is Making Ales From Excess Bread And Fruit

By Rick Stephens
28th Aug 2020

A four pack of beer on boxes in a brewery.

Sustainable brewer, A Local Beer, has only been around for a year, but they’ve made every beer count by giving a meal to those in need for every six-pack and pint sold via a partnership with SecondBite Foundation. To date, 15,000+ meals have gone out to those who need it most, and now, A Local Beer is about to do Australia another solid by making a beer out of excess bread and fruit aptly named Banana Bread Brown Ale.

The ingredients come courtesy of the SecondBite Foundation, who are no strangers to redistributing food that would otherwise end up in landfill. The collaboration on the beer was a clear no-brainer given their already-established working relationship, but it also creates an incredibly sustainable production practice, as Nick Campbell, co-founder of A Local Beer explains.

“We’re confident that we can use leftover material to make this beer, and all the outputs will go to other sources, like a farm in Cragieburn who utilises the leftover wheat that goes into animal feed. 

“It also means we can promote the great work that SecondBite do as well as give back meals—we see it as a closed-loop.”

Good intentions are one thing, but appeasing the palates of Australia’s craft beer community is another, and this brew needs to do both. Fortunately, A Local Beer know how to make a decent drop, and they’ve worked with Burnley Brewing on the Banana Bread Brown Ale to ensure this hits home with the wider beer-drinking cohort.

“They've been in the industry a lot longer than us, so we rely on their experience, along with ours, too—to be able to conceptualise what we wanted to create.”

The flavour profile clocks in similar to a wheat beer, though using ingredients like bread means it’ll hang around on the palate a touch longer than others in its class. You’ll also find notes of cinnamon, caramel, vanilla and banana in this hefty 5.8% ale.

They’re several bold flavours, and flavours that one might assume would be difficult to achieve in a beer, but one of the techniques is far more simple than you’d assume.

“The flavour from blowtorching banana makes you think about banana bread. it's a dessert or a treat that everyone's been making in isolation and we really wanted to bring forward the caramel notes,” Campbell said.

The limited Banana Bread Brown Ale is part of a larger series between the two indie brewers. They’ve titled it Fruits Of Our Labour, where you can expect to see a new limited beer every six weeks, which heroes different excess fruits and ingredients each release.

The A Local Beer x Burnley Brewing Banana Bread Brown Ale is available from select retailers now. Grab yourself a six-pack and you’ll be doing good not only by your palate but for those in need, too. 

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