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A Massive Daria-Themed Party Is Coming To Melbourne

By James Shackell
9th Aug 2017


Nothing makes you feel old like realising it’s been twenty years since Daria Morgendorffer first smirked her way onto TV screens (and into the desolate teenage wasteland of our hearts). It was a show that changed the zeitgeist, and forced us to look up what the word ‘Zeitgeist’ actually means.  

Well get ready to stand in the corner and think you’re above it all, because Supersmall Club is throwing an epic Daria Anniversary Party this month. Cue apathetic yet sincere emotional outburst.

What can you expect at this shindig? How about a $100 bar tab for the best costume (pro tip: avoid the Daria and Jane clones and come as Mr DeMartino. Guaranteed win.) There’ll be music from the show, including the iconic Splendora intro, photobooths, novelty Daria cutouts and themed cocktails like Daria Juice, Sick Sad Slushies, Lawndale Mojitos and Jane Lane Bombs.

Need a sweetener? How about FREE Pizza King pizzas from 10pm – 11pm. For as Daria so wisely said, “There is no moment in life that can’t be improved with pizza.”

La la la la la...

The Details

Where: Supersmall Club, 147 Commercial Rd, South Yarra
When: Friday 25 August, 10pm – 3am
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Daria

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