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A Candy Museum Is Opening And We Can’t Even

By Albert Cho
16th Feb 2018

A Museum Of Candy Is Opening And We Can’t Even

Guys, we’ve got news that will just make your day. You’d be lying if you said that the children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn’t have you dreaming about visiting the magical land of sweets and happiness, well those dreams can actually come true now!

This summer, The Sugar Factory will be opening the very first Museum of Candy in New York City! As they’re the guys behind the infamous Museum of Ice-Cream in Miami, we know this will be good and not disappoint.

The Museum of Candy will feature lessons to educate people on the history of candy, fashion shows that are focused on candy canes and an epic candy café that demonstrates the process of making gummy bears! It doesn’t stop there guys. There will also be 15 other candy-themed rooms, candy and dessert tastings, 24-scoop King Kong Sundaes, a café with a menu consisting of sugar in its best form, a.k.a, donuts and Pop Tarts. Lastly, the people at the Sugar Factory are giving us the candy store of our dreams where more than 20 candy companies united to give demonstrations, sell candy by the pound and bring us true happiness. All of this will be in a huge Limelight Club space of 30,000 square feet, the bigger the better!

“We drew inspiration from all of our guests at Sugar Factory taking pictures at our life-size Candy Dot wall and with our over-the-top food and drinks,” Sugar Factory founder Charissa Davidovici said in a statement.


What: The Museum of Candy
Where: New York
When: Third Quarter of 2018

More info: here 

Image Credit: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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