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An Adult Ball Pit And Human-Powered Dance Floor Are Popping Up This Month

By Rachel Lay
26th Oct 2018

Growing up has its perks—there’s the independence, the fact that you made it through puberty (relatively) unscathed, and the fact that you’ll probably never have to do another annotated bibliography in your life isn’t half-bad either.

But, with growing up comes the loss of some of our fave things ever, like ball pits, dancing without fear of judgment and generally just living our best stress-free lives.

That’s why we’re beyond stoked that this Melbourne Cup Carnival there are a whole heap of activations popping up that give us all of the throwback vibes. Snap up a ticket to any of the race days and you’ll have access to all of this magic inside The Park—the Cup’s answer to Coachella, pretty much. There will be live music and epic eats, too. You're welcome.

Absolute Electric Avenue

Imagine a high energy, human-powered dance floor, and you’re probably getting all of the 'best night ever' vibes, which is fair, because that’s exactly what’s in store. The energy from this dance floor powers the LED lights to create a seriously cool light show. And there will even be a phone charger powered by the energy that gets created on the dance floor. Naturally, a dance battle will ensue.


Giant. Adult. Ball. Pit. It’s a thing, so get excited. The pink silhouette structure will be filled with giant oversized inflatable balls—but there will be plenty of surprises. You’ve got to at least do this for the ‘Gram.

Nova In The Park Karaoke

Because the fun never ends, after Hayden James, The Presets and Amy Shark hit the stage, Nova In The Park Karaoke will be on. This means that you’ll get a chance to sing along to all your karaoke faves—Spice Girls come at us. Talk about best finale ever?!

Bumble Place

The worst part about getting dressed up and doing your make up, is knowing that it doesn’t last forever. You get sweaty, your curls drop, and the frizz sets in—we feel ya. Thankfully, Bumble knows the struggle all too well and will be doing make-up touch-ups out of Bumble Place. There will also be a mini carousel perfect for an Insta story or two post-touch up. To enter, just have Bumble downloaded on your phone.

There is loads more going on during Cup Week, so check out all the events here.

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