Alex Xinis’ Delicious Chargrilled Garfish With Pomegranate Recipe

By Mona Chatskin
14th Jun 2016

We wish it was pomegranate season all year round! We sat down with former head chef of Hellenic Republic, Alex Xinis, who is now taking over at The Press Club. He let us in on a few secrets, including how to make the most of pomegranate season. These ruby jewels pack a punch to any dish! Here is his super simple take on chargrilled garfish with pomegranate dressing. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it ain’t delicious.

Xinis says, “this dish can be prepared easily at home, and combined with a glass of Greek white wine or an ouzo on a sunny day!”. Sounds perf, hey? 


Serves: 4


3 Whole garfish (125g each)

1 Celery    

1 Baby fennel

2 Golden Shallots

100g Pomlife pomegranate arils

400g Extra virgin olive oil

2tspn Carraway seeds

2 Bay leaves

80g Flaked sea salt

Zest of 1 orange


1. Begin by removing the spine of the garfish. Gently run your fingers down the spine, pushing the belly of the fish out to pull the backbone away from the smaller, edible bones. To remove it completely, run a sharp knife underneath the backbone from the tail to the head of the fish. Keep the fish refrigerated.
2. To make the celery salt, remove the green leaves of the celery, and blend together in a food processor along with the flaked salt and orange zest. Reserve
3. To cook the fennel, cut in 6 even wedges, making sure to keep them attached at the core. Place 300g of the olive oil, caraway seeds, bay leaves in a small pot and place on a low heat.
4. Remove the hearts of the celery (yellow center), and add these along with the fennel to the oil.
5. Cook these until soft on a very low temperature. Approx 25 mins.
6. Next, finely peel, then dice the shallot and mix in a bowl with the POMLIFE pomegranate arils and 100g of extra virgin olive oil
7. To finish, drizzle the garfish with olive oil and season with the celery salt. Grill on a high heat, skin side down only for 2 mins, being careful not to overcook.
8. Place the garfish on a plate, arrange the pieces of fennel and celery neatly and finish with the pomegranate dressing. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Hellenic Republic

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