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Are Man Braids the New Man Bun?

By Bree Nowland
17th Oct 2015

man braids

The humble man bun is out of control. A quick Google search will return you close to twenty three million results. TWENTY THREE MILLION. That’s near the same amount of articles on the man bun as there are people in this country, in case you were wondering. Expectedly, the man bun is still trending on Instagram (heyyy #manbunmonday), there’s even an Instagram page dedicated exclusively to dudes at Disneyland donning a man bun. Seriously. 

But just as we thought the man bun was about to be immortalised for good, three things have happened as of late. Firstly, the man-bun is literally now everywhere (it’s like when you embraced Birkenstocks because they we’re ugly-cool and little unexpected, then they were on sale at Supre, and suddenly weren’t so cool anymore. Sorry, Supre.) Secondly, news has recently broken that there’s been studies that reveal that tightly-tied man buns can cause premature balding (yikes). And thirdly, champion of the man-bun, Leonardo DiCaprio has called it quits on the man bun (he’s also lost the lumberjack beard, but we’ll save that for another day.)

For trendsetters and hipster gentlemen alike, there’s absolutely no need to ruin all that hard work you put in to grow out your locks (or put all those hair products you invested in to waste). Step away from the scissors and embrace the man bun 2.0, introducing the man braid. In all things follicular-fashion related, we’ve already placed our bets that the man braid will be the new man-approved trend for summer.

Whether you love it or hate it (or think it’s completely ridiculous and/or mildly humorous), the man braid is inexplicably growing in popularity. Men all over the globe are giving Rapunzel a run for her money, with the likes of Jared Leto pioneering the trend after rocking a classic plait at this year’s Golden Globes. 

Guys aren’t just limited to one style either, there are options aplenty, and no, a 2015-rendition of a rat-tail is not on the list (*major sigh of relief*). From waterfall braids, French braids, the classic plait to cornrows, there’s a style for everyone. Barber extraordinaire and local pioneer of the male grooming movement, Aiden Xydis of The Men’s Grooming Room concurs, explaining that “whether we like it or not, the man braid is a thing!” The ever stylish barber even rocks a single cornrow in his hair (and pulls it off). He encourages his clientele to embrace the mantra of ‘less is more’ and opt for a single or double corn-row or a basic plait (French braids are hard enough for girls who have been braiding their hair for decades, if we’re being honest).

Aiden notes that men with thicker hair are in luck, as braids will work better the thicker your hair is. In case you needed another reason to try a man braid, how does a little more time up your sleeve to groom that hipster beard sound? Our fave barber suggests “rinsing your hair instead of washing it, as the natural oils in your hair will add structure and texture to your braid(s).”

We have to admit, we’re on the fence with the #manbraid. But with it being (almost) official that the man-bun has had its day, it might just be time we embrace the man braid. Hey, if that means men are going to learn to braid our hair, we’re not complaining.

Image credit: Instagram user @thousands_

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