Gorge On Attica’s New Pavlova-Lamington Hybrid When It Goes On Sale This Week

By Ben Tyers
3rd Aug 2020

Attica's half pavlova, half lamington concoction, the Pavington.

If there's one positive to come out of the time Melbourne has spent in lockdown, it's the food.

We've seen lasagne-only restaurants pop-up, all manner of collaborations, and this week we're getting the 'Pavington' from world-renowned Melbourne restaurant, Attica.

What Is The Pavington?

Attica's Pavington is a combination of two classic dishes.

"I wanted to create something super fun and light in these hard times. Something that would bring a smile to people's faces.

"I began working on it during the school holidays during lockdown with my kids. They were willing participants in the tasting and development of it! Plus, I like the good-natured banter around who developed these sweets, NZ or Australia? And as I have a foot on both sides of the Tasman I thought I’d throw my two cents in the ring."

The lamington, a spongey, chocolatey Australian icon. And the pavlova, a classic dessert claimed by Australia as its own, when it's actually from across the ditch.

The Pavington consists of a base of lamington, a pavlova top surrounded with kiwi fruit and jam and creaming holding the whole creation together.

There are only 12 Pavington's made per day, so you'll have to order early to make sure you don't miss out.

But which of the two iconic desserts does Shewry hold a candle to?

"A great lamington for sure. It’s tricky to find a great one but when you do—oh boy. I’ve never been a huge fan of the pav but when it’s backed up by a lamington, heaven!"

The Details

What: Attica's Pavington
Where: Order from Attica At Home
When: Available from Tuesday 4 August
How much: $65, serves 6-8 people
Order delicious food from Attica via their website.

Still hungry? Grab some Nutella ravioli from Melbourne gelateria, Piccolina.

Image credit: Attica

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