Why This Cannabis Face Mask Could Save Your Adult Acne

By Jessica Pridmore
4th Apr 2019

If you thought there couldn’t be more buzz about the benefits of hemp derived beauty products right now, the movement just went mainstream. Cult US beauty brand Milk Makeup has released a Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask as part of their ever-expanding ‘Kush’ line.

Packaged in their favoured roll-on applicator made famous by their glossy highlighters, this bright green mask rolls onto the skin with no muss and no fuss. Made of solid clay that melts onto your skin (and, worth noting, it doesn’t dry out like regular clay masks but simply rinses off when still damp), Milk’s Cannabis Mask is a game-changer for anyone suffering with acne or is looking for a face mask that calms redness.


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A mix of aloe vera and kaolin clay intensely hydrates while drawing out impurities form the skin, but it’s the hemp-derived cannabis on the ingredients list that gets to work on red and aggravated skin.

Hemp oil is a known anti-inflammatory and a naturally soothing aid when applied to the skin, making it ideal for acne or rosacea sufferers for its soothing properties. Hemp oil is also full of EFAs, the stuff that keeps your skin bouncy and able to keep in moisture, making this little green stick a must-have in your bathroom cabinet.

While this product is not currently available for delivery in Australia or New Zealand, here are a few hemp derived products you can get your hands on.

Image credit: Milk Makeup

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