Melbourne’s Best Acai Bowls

By Grace Evans
17th Aug 2017


Acai bowls have well and truly come roaring onto Melbourne's breakfast scene. If you search the hashtag #acaibowl, there are over 49,000 photos on instagram alone! Pronounced 'ah-sigh-ee', this berry is the superfood du jour, and the acai bowl has become a hugely popular healthy breakfast choice, with savvy cafes across town teaming the purple-black berries with various other fruits, nuts, seeds and superfood garnishes in artistic (and delicious) arrangements. We've hunted down some of Melbourne's best acai bowls for your breakfast, brunching or mid-afternoon pleasure. Enjoy!

The Nutrition Bar 


Enjoy a made-to-order acai bowl along with a green or protein smoothie at this stand out Swan Street health bar. The Nutrition Bar specialises in healthy fast food, and whips up one of the best acai bowls in Melbourne – available in super convenient takeaway containers if you're running late to the office.

Neighbours Cafe

St Kilda

Neighbours Cafe is located away from the hustle and bustle of the Chapel Street Precinct, and before you get to the main area of St Kilda.  Despite that, their acai bowl with granola, the promise of free wifi, and their unique 5-bean blend draws the crowds! (Editor's Note: The TUL locals are mad for this acai bowl!)

School Of 7 Bells


Enjoy an amazing acai bowl that includes banana, pomegranate, honey, spelt and agave granola and strawberries, whilst sipping on one of their unique house blends or single origins by Artful Dodgers Coffee Trading Co. If you're dining with someone who doesn't want to indulge in the acai bowl (we will then ask, why are you dining with them at all?), they are sure to enjoy the red velvet pancakes.

Little Sugar Big Salt


This popular Abbotsford haunt boasts the On-Trend Acai, an acai bowl work of art with granola, fresh fruit and flowers (edible of course) that we just can't stop raving about. You're also sure to love their menu design, which is simply laid out on axes of big-small and sweet-salt. It makes that lengthy process of navigating through a menu of delicious offerings a breeze.

Einstein's 251


The cafe scene in Caulfield has improved significantly since Einstein's 251 arrived. With all day breakfast and Small Batch coffee, what's not to love? Enjoy your Acai Wake Up Bowl (organic acai and guarana blended with bananas and paired with granola – yum!) with the D²: a double ristretto-based three-quarter caffe latte. One of the best acai bowls in Melbourne.

My Other Brother


Sister cafe (or should we say, brother cafe) to Annoying Brother cafe in Fitzroy, this eastern suburbs' gem is the perfect place to refuel with an Acai Jar after the Camberwell Sunday Market. Served with granola in a cute jar, this acai bowl deserves a spot among Melbourne's best.

The Food Drinkery

Burwood East

If you've found an acai bowl further east than this, let us know! The Foodrinkery brings a spectacular array of fresh flavours to Melbourne's east, bringing quality coffee and on-trend dishes to the suburbs.

The Old Barber Shop Cafe


Soak up the sun in this cute little street-side Richmond cafe, while you slurp away on the acai berries, guarana, fruit and crunchy granola. Melbourne Sunday morning bliss.

Surfcoast Wholefoods


Surfcoast Wholefoods is one of our favourites when we're out of Melbourne, in the surfside town of Torquay. This organic grocery shop is also a superb healthy cafe, with raw treats made in Byron Bay, smoothies and superfoods. Their super healthy acai bowl is definitely a winner, so see if you can get it takeaway and take a stroll down to the sand to enjoy whilst watching the waves.

Aya Super Food

A Market Near You

Aya Superfoods is a big, travelling teepee that wanders around Australia to markets and festivals, bringing acai bowls and smoothies packed full of organic and nourishing ingredients. This is definitely a Melbourne acai bowl to watch.

Fourth Chapter


Fourth Chapter's acai bowls are yet another little wonder popping out of Prahran. This gorgeous little cafe tucked away on high street may just be your next acai eating spot. With the option of adding protein to your morning acai bowl, we're certain you won't be dissapointed. 



You know that feeling you get when there is just the right amount of everything in your dish? Yeah we get you and so do Legacy's acai bowls. This little blend of love has just the right amount of granola, banana, hazlenut crumb and strawberries to ensure you day will be off to a great start.



Combi are taking it up a notch on the health front. Their organic acai bowl is GLUTEN FREE, RAW and VEGAN. Oh and it tastes delicious, who would've thought health would get to this point. This one will boost up those antioxidants with their own individual twist. Chuck in some pistachios and some activated caramel buckinis (whatever that is???) and you're set to go. 

Want more healthy breakfasts? You're in luck! Or check out these awesome make-at-home smoothie and acai bowl recipes!

Image credit: Green House

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