10 Of Melbourne’s Best Cheeseburger Variations

By Bianca O'Neill
24th Jul 2018

There are few things that make me happier than a cheese-laden, juicy cheeseburger – and considering that Melbourne is rich with burger goodness, what better place to start?

Here is our list of the most epic and unusual cheeseburger and cheeseburger-related dishes in our fair city – and if you’re obsessed like me, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, I’ve been researching this one diligently for years…



Cheeseburger dumplings. Yep, you read that correctly! Your two favourite foods come together at Drumplings, in a delicious array of small parcels that combine beef pattie, cheese, pickles, mustard and sesame seeds.

Biggie Smalls

Collingwood & Windsor

If, like me, you’ve been thinking a lot about how to combine your two favourite late night/hangover foods, then the cheeseburger kebab at Biggie Smalls is here to solve all your problems. The “Juicy” folds beef burger, cheese, lettuce, onion, special sauce and parsley into their classic soft flatbreads.

Fat Jaks

St Kilda

This excellent burger institution in St Kilda has delivered a cheeseburger lover’s wet dream for their burger of the month this July: the “Baby Got Mac”. A mouthwatering combination of beef patty, bacon, truffle mac and cheese, onion, pickles, chilli sauce, and truffle mayo should help you well on your way to building that booty… not sure about that itty bitty waist though.

The Boot Factory


Had a big night? The Boot Factory’s cheeseburger-topped bloody mary should cure what ails you. The classic cocktail is accompanied by not only a cheesie, but also a piece of fried chicken, bacon and pickles to boot. Now that’s living!

The Blufff


Sure, the cheeseburgers at The Blufff are great—but you know what’s even greater? Here you can pimp your cheeseburger by adding a dessert waffle. Nope, not on the side – it’s actually IN the cheeseburger, with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and all. BYO heart monitor.

Gorilla Grill


The “Kong’s Double Trouble” is probably even more trouble than it suggests. A double cheeseburger just isn’t enough indulgence here – so Gorilla Grill have done away with the burger bun and replaced it with two pieces of fried chicken. Who says skinny feels good? A fried chicken bun probably feels better.

Nostimo & Co


Ever thought about how your cheeseburger just doesn’t have enough doughnut in it? Well, now it can, with Nostimo & Co’sChief Wiggum”. Reportedly only available from Thursday to Sunday, this one stacks bacon, beef patty and cheese into a doughnut topped with sprinkles. You know, just in case you’re thinking of ditching that diet that’s not working anyway.

Cool Bean Kitchen


When your regular cheeseburger just won’t cut it, and you need to combine at least five other meals into your one cheeseburger, Cool Bean Kitchen should be your first stop. Burger pattie. Double cheese. Double southern fried chicken. Bacon. Need we say any more?

Royal Stacks

Brunswick, Chadstone & CBD

If the cheese part of your cheeseburger is the most important bit, then this burger needs to be on your bucket list. My personal fave burger spot in Melbourne has decided a double cheeseburger just isn’t enough, so they’ve added a mac and cheese croquette and bacon to it.

One Plus Piece


This Japanese-inspired Manga café has taken the inspiration of a boring ol’ cheeseburger and turned it on its head by adding slow cooked chilli pulled pork to their Angus beef patty, along with cheese, lettuce, pickle, an onion ring and Japanese mayo. The ‘Gear 3’ is all packed into a delicious beetroot bun, and we’re already there LET’S EAT.

Just want a good all-round burger? Here's our round-up of Melbourne's best burgers.

Image credit: Drumplings | Griffin Simm

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