Here’s Where To Get Melbourne’s Best Chicken Wings

By Kate Bartels
30th Jan 2018


However fancy you think you are, it’s no secret that everyone loves aiming their face at a sticky, deep-fried chicken wing. Some of us are spice-lovers sand some of us are wimps not, but none of that matters when you're getting your hands dirty and munching on that chicken-y goodness. #Cleaneating be damned. 

From American BBQ to Korean and Japanese, We’ve searched far and wide to bring you a definitive guide to the best chicken wings in Melbourne. BYO napkins.

  1. Gami, Various Locations | Not only are these guys the heroes of fried chicken, they do a pretty mean chicken wing, too. We dare you to go the spicy sauce.
  2. Kong, Richmond | You’ve got three options here. Korean fried wings, hot wings or BBQ soy wings. Tough choices, but someone's gotta make them.
  3. Chick-In, CBD | These guys are Korean chicken experts. Go the soy wings. You're guaranteed a happy tummy and a messy face, in that order. 
  4. Crazy Wings, CBD | It’s all in the name. Expect crazy flavours like spicy honey, mixed peppercorn and curry wings. And when they say spicy, the MEAN spicy. 
  5. F.A.T Fried & Tasty, Brunswick | Two words. Peach & Cayenne. It’ll blow your damn mind. We’ve said too much...BRB going to get wings. 


F.A.T. Fried & Tasty | Photography by Michelle Jarni 

  1. Parlour Diner, Windsor | This is an old-school American Diner, so you know it’s gonna be awesome. The wings here are fried, well seasoned, with an excellent crunch. You'll think you can handle six, but four is usually the way to go.  
  2. Le Bon Ton, Collingwood | Bet you didn’t think somewhere like Le Bon Ton would be offering up chipotle chicken wings? These flavours are the bomb.
  3. Phat Chicks Fried Chicken, Footscray | The guys behind the Mi Goreng Fried Chicken movement of 2017. Their Kettle Chilli flavoured chicken wings are also insane. 
  4. Leonard’s House Of Love, South Yarra | Beware—the stars of the show here are the XXX Hot Wings. Each X stands for an expletive you will scream after consumption. 
  5. Belles Hot Chicken, Fitzroy, | Here, you can choose your sauce level, going from southern to really f**kin hot. Good one for the spice lovers and spice haters alike.


Belles Hot Chicken | Photography by Griffin Simm 

  1. Temple Brewing Company, Brunswick | You’ve got buffalo chicken wings with a blue cheese sauce. Yuuuum. Wash it all down with a pot of frosty beer.
  2. Changz Canteen, Elsternwick | Technically these guys do chicken ribs, but everyone knows chicken ribs are the sh*t. If you don't smother them in Changz homemade hot sauce, you're doing it wrong. 
  3. The Kodiak Club, Fitzroy | This little slice of USA has some of the best buffalo wings we've ever tried. Seriously, trust us on this.
  4. Up In Smoke, Footscray | These smokehouse wings are perfect for those who struggle with the whole spice thing. They still pack a punch, but their cucumber dipping sauce is the perfect flame-soother.
  5. Big Boy BBQ, Caulfield South & CBD | Spice-rubbed with BBQ sauce. The wings here ate true American BBQ style. 'Nuff said.
  6. Son In Law, Collingwood | Damn these things are addictive. Crispy-fried chicken ribs, dusted in spices. Pro tip: go the Thai Sriracha flavour over the nam jim jaew. 
  7. Belleville, CBD | Over here, you’ve got a combo of Asian and South American flavours, which means both kimchi AND rotisserie chicken. Winning.


Belleville | Photography by Annika Kafcaloudis

  1. Chin Chin, CBD | Whaaa? Thai chicken wings you say? Don’t knock em’ till you try em’. They're as yum as the rest of the Chin Chin menu.
  2. Akachochin, Docklands | Expect modern Japanese with an extra flavour explosion. Dip them in some Kewpie mayo for a party in your mouth.
  3. Father’s Office, CBD | They call their wings ‘world famous’, but we’ll let you be the judge. Choose from buffalo, Lousiana fried, Kansas City smoky BBQ or new Orleans blackened Cajun.
  4. Wings Of Glory, CBD | Like the name suggests, some kind of higher power is at work here. Order the Glory Bucket—wings and beers. Combo.
  5. Hinoak, Glen Waverley | Are they still wings with the bones removed? Who cares. They're effing delicious. Make sure to back them up with a Miss Korea BBQ set. 
  6. Dear Liza, St Kilda | For those of you who consider yourself hot wing champs, these guys have a hot wing challenge every Wednesday. Get around it.
  7. Uncle, Balaclava & CBD | Head to Uncle get a Vietnamese take on chicken wings. They’re a little bit fancy over there, so make sure you use your napkin.
  8. The Mill House, CBD | Tuck into some PFC (Peruvian fried chicken) while sipping on a G&T. This place loves chicken and acronyms in equal measure.

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Header image credit: Hinoak | Jenna Fahey-White 

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