Melbourne’s Best Fashion Rental Services

By Gen Phelan
26th Feb 2018


Maybe it’s the year of 21st’s. Or perhaps you’ve pulled a 27 Dresses stunt and are bound by Maid of Honour duties at a million different weddings this year. Whatever the swanky events on your radar, a cold front of financial and emotional turmoil is moving in, FAST. One can only purchase so many black chiffon playsuits without questioning their overdrawn bank statement(s). Oh sh*t.

This is your sartorial fork-in-the-roads. Option A: place credit card in an enormous block of ice and lock in freezer. Option B: hit up the almighty Melbourne dress rentals database that we’re about to compile. We hope you opt for the latter (or are handy with an ice pick). Think of these as the Airbnbs of the fashion realm. 


Touted as 'Australia’s first shared rental platform’, it seems these guys were the ones that started it all. The selection of clothes is honestly never-ending. Become a vendor yourself (because have you SEEN your wardrobe) and list a garb for $20 a pop. Or hire out that new ‘It’ piece, upload a snap and maybe score a cameo on their groovy Insta grid.

Frock n’ roll here.

Rent Our Closet 

Is the budget reaaaally tight? Have you already impulse purchased a trillion mini dresses this season? It’s going to be okay. R.O.C have a tab dedicated solely to rentals under $40 a piece. The Fashion Gods have truly outdone themselves this time.

Frock n’ roll here.

The Volte

Listings on The Volte are FREE. God, we love that F word. Navigate their glossy site and find yourself an ensemble, then start making your own cashola. Make it rain.

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Her Wardrobe 

Okay, Her Wardrobe is goooood. Not only is the rental game strong, but the crew also host awesome ex-rental auctions. You can nab some amazing designer pieces for a hot price, so get your bidding game on. They even offer millinery hire, so you can kiss the dreaded racing season shopping saga goodbye.  

Frock n’ roll here.

Rent A Camilla

Camilla. We love it for all of its embellished, technicolour, boho glory. Whether you’re imminently jetting off to the Maldives or want to stray from a purely monochromatic outfit for once, this Rent A Camilla closet is for you. As the most affordable Camilla hire service in all the land, prices start at a fraction of the debilitating retail costs, from just $50. Score.

Frock n’ roll here.

Glam Corner

It’s kinda like the surreal walk in wardrobe situations you see in episodes of KUWTK. Glam Corner have THOUSANDS of party dresses, gowns, playsuits and jumpsuits to fulfill all of your #OOTN needs. The seriously swanky website design also makes browsing (when you’re meant to be working your nine-to-five) a dream.

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Something Borrowed 

Sick of scouting the web for your outfit? You can experience the tangible shopping experience, sans the immense guilt of an overspend, by visiting Something Borrowed boutique in Richmond. This one specialises in high-glam numbers. Cue the sparkle factor. You’ll flock like a magpie to the glitz on these racks.

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Bayside Dress Rental 

Attention, Bayside 'burbs. If you’re a Brightonite or a Beauy Baby, this one’s within a minimal radius. You’ll probably notice a few familiar faces and turn your rental into a coffee date, plus your dress will be retrieved in a jiffy due the exclusive location choice.

Frock n’ roll here.

Hire Only For The Night 

Hire Only For The Night is Adelaide-based, they will post nation-wide. They’re building up a strong closet of killer jumpsuits, florals and sets, offering the occasional added bonus of a store-wide discount. Keep your eyes peeled, fashion fiends.

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The Birdcage Stylist

Sophisticated styles are in abundance here. We’re talking the real head-turners: floor-length, red gowns and whole a lotta lace. Heads up, they draw a one hundy dollar voucher at the start of every month from any renters that tag them in an Insta pic. We know you’ll be taking allllll of the photos anyway.

Frock n’ roll here.

Style Theory 

It takes one scroll through their Insta to suss that these guys mean biznez. They offer 20% sales on the reg, have a bricks-and-mortar boutique in South RaRa and have even searched for in-store makeup artists to deliver their shoppers the full package.

Frock n’ roll here.

Hire My Attire 

HMA have the cult items you’ve been pining over for yonks. The garments on offer are those that have risen to the fore of the fashion stakes each season. Trends come and go, so why invest in the dress when you can take it for a spin on a hot one night stand? 

Frock n’ roll here.


Another go-to place to find something smokin' for any occassion within any budget. Browse your way through hundreds of outfits from designers such as Zimmerman and Dion Lee #whichwelove and #cannotafford. These guys are happy to send it your way or you can pick it up yourself from their Collingwood studio. 

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Image credit: Pete Bellis

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