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Melbourne’s Most Fancy Easter Choccies

By Millie Lester - 11 Apr 2017

melbournes best easter eggs

This one goes out to the all the penny-counters out there who haven’t already spent all their pocket money on discounted 150g Cadbury Easter bunnies while grocery shopping since Boxing Day—you’re stronger than we are. In the spirit of baby Jesus’ resurrection, we’ve put together a list of all of Melbourne’s most ~premium~ Easter choccies, and yes they may break the bank, but by golly your mum/dad/gf/bf/bff/fave The Urban List writer will love you for it (and they’ll make for a bloody good Insta, too).

Monsieur Truffe

Monsieur Truffe are one of Melbourne’s finest chocolatiers and choccie makers. Their chocolate originates from a one-man operation in Prahran Market eleven years ago, and has since expanded to a large factory space in Brunswick (you go, Glen Coco[a]). This Easter you can stock up on their delicious gluten-free, fair trade, handmade goodies including the ‘Sardines Box’ and ‘Dark Bunny Box’ which are every bit as delicious (and sustainable/healthy/allergy-friendly) as their names suggest.

Pana Chocolate

Speaking of raw, organic and handmade chocolate, Pana Chocolate are the cool (and super allergy-friendly) kids on the block. This year their luxurious choccie offerings include the delicious ‘Caramel Lava Egg’ with its soft caramel centre cased in cacao, the ‘Supreme Egg’ with its oozy, sweet centre and the ‘Sour Cherry Chocolate Bunny’ made from raw cacao and scattered with pieces of sour cherry. You just have to look at these bad boys to know they’re the good stuff; they’re dark, heavy and glistening with the very real possibility of heart failure (a mild one though, these guys are totes the healthy version of choc). Grab any of these bad boys in their Richmond store (and keep the box forever because it’s luxe AF).

The Ministry Of Chocolate

If you’re after an aesthetic almost too good to eat, you need The Ministry of Chocolate. Think chocolate eggs the size of mangoes decorated in edible graffiti, candied fruit and lego (LEGO). If these elaborate edible details get your palms sweating and your heart beating, then you need the ‘Block Egg’—Belgian milk chocolate with edible blocks attached, ‘The Hosier Lane Egg’—Belgian milk couverture with splashes of colour, and the ‘Orange & Almond Egg’—dark Belgian couverture drizzled with dark, milk and white couverture and finished with dipped candied orange and roasted almond clusters. And if you’re getting three then you may as well throw in a fourth—the ‘Australian Origin Egg’, made using chocolate from beans grown in our very own Daintree Forest. We won’t even mention the ‘Half Egg’ edible chocolate bowl filled with truffles and mini speckled eggs...

Koko Black

Koko Black is the Meryl Streep of the Melbourne chocolate industry—it’s been around for ages and hasn’t aged a day in thirty years, but it’s also bloody delicious. Each year they deliver the cream of the crop during the Easter season, and this year is no different. Up for grabs is their silky smooth 34% ‘Milk Chocolate Bunny’, their beautiful (and damn cute) chocolate ‘Egg Pops’, packets of 34% ‘Mini Speckled Eggs’, and the oh-la-la-oh-my-word-hooley-dooley ‘Hazelnut Praline Quail Eggs’ (THEY COME IN A SMOL EGG CARTON AND EVERYTHING). You can pick up some of these delish choccies from their stores in Collins St, Carlton, Chadstone, Westfield Doncaster, Highpoint, Queen Victoria Market, and Bourke St Royal Arcade.

Burch & Purchese

If wowing the pants off your friends and fam is the way you roll at Easter, then Burch & Purchese are the choccie-connoisseurs you need on speed dial. What may look like abhorrently expensive children’s toys are in fact very delicious handcrafted Belgian chocolates (I KNOW). This year their range includes hand painted speckled eggs in white, dark and milk chocolate flavours. You can also get your greasy mitts on a ‘Boy in a Chicken Suit’, ‘Little Blue Bunny’, ‘Alien Egg’ and ‘Easter Bunny’—all made from handcrafted Belgian milk and white chocolate, and also RIDICULOUSLY beautiful.

And if that’s not enough, there’s ‘Salted Caramel Golden Eggs’ which are dark chocolate shells, filled with salted caramel and brushed in golden lustre, and the limited edition ‘Explosive Raspberry Wheel’ with raspberry marshmallow and raspberry jam, sandwiched between chocolate biscuits, dipped in Belgian milk chocolate, and topped with a white chocolate fried egg and gold coated popping candy.

The Chocolate Box

The Chocolate Box are a local fave and are the masters of some of our crowd favourite Easter treats. We’re talking ‘Milk Chocolate Easter Bilbies’, ‘Milk Chocolate Half Egg with Chocolate Coated Raspberries’, ‘Dark Chocolate Half Egg with Chocolate Covered Fruit & Nut’ and—wait for it—’Milk Choc Half Egg with Belgian Chocolate Freckles’. You can grab these choccies at their stores in the CBD, Alfred Hospital, Camberwell and Port Melbourne.


If we also had a premium art roundup, Bibelot’s 2017 Easter range would feature on that too. This year the choccie wizards behind the name have baked (?) up their rich ‘Dark Chocolate Egg’—an ancient sculpture creation with shades of gold and weathered down with shades of black, the ‘White Chocolate Egg’—touches of green representing nature contrasted against pronounced grey and silver metallic colours (because why not?), and their ‘Wild Nest Egg’—pulling inspiration from nature and the elements, this bad boy is a representation of a wild nest egg that incorporates bright colours and a life-like nest. And it’s all edible and straight out of an NGV brochure.

Gelato Messina

Possibly the biggest Easter news to come out of Australia this year is Gelato Messina’s ‘Veruca Salt 2.0’ gelato egg. This heart attack concoction is filled with salted caramel gelato, passionfruit puree yolk on a caramelised choc crunch base with passionfruit mousse and passionfruit caramel ganache, and perched on a bed of spun sugar and white chocolate feathers, *drops mic*. This bad boy is a limited edition number and can be ordered online via their website (if they aren’t already sold out).


If you’re someone who likes a hella lotta choice with their premium Easter choccie, then you need to bookmark Chocolatier’s website in your browser toot sweet. Each year they put forward a delicious (and thorough) range of premium Easter chocolates, and 2017 doesn’t disappoint. This year they have their standard dark and milk chocolate eggs, as well as their ‘Dark Decadent’, ‘Enchanting’ and ‘Easter Fun’ collections, ON TOP of their ‘Strawberries & Cream’ white chocolate egg and ‘Macadamia, Sultana & Coconut’ milk chocolate egg. PLUS there’s the ‘Milk Chocolate Half Egg with Speckles’ and ‘Dark Chocolate Half Egg with Cocoa Nib Bites’. Easter is your oyster, kiddos.

Cioccolato Lombardo

Now we’re talking some seriously glam Easter eggs. This year Cioccolato Lombardo have an exclusive range of metallic handmade chocolates, and quite frankly this is more exciting than that time Bob The Builder swore on telly. We HIGHLY recommend the ‘Egg Carton of Salted Caramel Truffle-Filled Metallic Dark Chocolate Eggs’, the ‘Handmade Solid Milk Chocolate Scooter Rabbit’, the ‘Handmade Milk Chocolate Solid Seated Bunny’, and the ‘Large Metallic Easter Egg with Bonus Chocolate Surprise’. If the length of their names are anything to go by, these choccies are streets ahead of the rest.


If there’s a special someone in your life who needs to be treated right, and by treated right we mean given the gift of the world’s most beautiful Easter egg this season, then look no further than Cacao chocolates, they’re the most pimped-up/luxe/fancy AF Easter range in all the land (Melbourne). You can choose from the ‘Half Dozen’—six hand painted speckled milk chocolate eggs in a carton, or the ‘Chick Flicks’—three hand painted milk chocolate chicks painted with flicks of chocolate paint, the ‘Mother Hen’—a milk chocolate chick filled with mini chocolate eggs or the ‘Bee-hive Yourself’—a delightfully delicious milk chocolate egg with milk chocolate buzzing bees attached (NEED). You can pick up any of these bad boys at their CBD, St Kilda, Westfield Doncaster and Highpoint locations.


Gânache is the no-frills, back-to-basics counterpart of the elaborate Melbourne chocolate scene. Their range is full of rich chocolate classics that’ll win over hearts faster than a baby Labrador sneezing. These include their milk chocolate ‘Floppy Eared Bunny’, classic ‘Milk Chocolate Bunny’, Melbourne themed ‘Praline-Filled Milk Chocolate Half Egg’, groovy ‘Graffiti Praline Bunny’ and tubes of ‘Freckle Eggs’ and chocolate coated Easter almonds. Hot foot over to their CBD and South Yarra location to get your greasy mitts on these.

The Crux & Co

While The Crux & Co are known for their incredible desserts and sweet treats, this little patisserie flew out of the woodwork at the whisper of premium Easter chocolates, and good thing they did because their range would stop traffic (if not our diets). Their ‘White Chocolate Chicken’ looks like it’s worth more than my car, and their ‘Milk Chocolate Green Tiger Egg’ will win over every sibling in oz, not to mention their ‘Mini Red Striped Egg’ and ‘Mini Golden Egg’ which will probably end up on your mantlepiece rather than your gob, because they just look so damn good. Hit up their South Melbourne store and Little Collins Street Patisserie to stockpile these.

Chocolate is one thing, but we all know it's not Easter without a decent helping of Hot Cross Buns. We have checked out all the good HCBs in Melbourne, find out which was the best here.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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