The Best of Everything in Melbourne! | The FOOD Edition

By Pip Jarvis
29th Sep 2014

You know we love a list—we are The Urban LIST after all—and we're often asked by readers where they can get their hands on a list of our, well, lists. The answer, my friends, is right hurr. Today we're kicking off with our pick of our food 'best ofs'—a guide to the best food, in the best restaurants and cafes in Melbourne. Stay tuned for drinking, health and beauty, shopping and more!

We sure have had a finger-lickin' good time over the past year-and-a-bit, eating our way around this glorious city of ours to bring you our pick of the best food in Melbourne. Breakfast seems to be one of your favourite topics (which is why we like you all SO much), so we've done quite a few brekkie stories. Sink your teeth into…



Melbourne's best French toast and crepes. The best smashed avo, breakfast mushrooms, and scrambled eggs in town. The best brekkies for the mornings after the night before. Plus baked eggs.

And, if only the hair of the dog will do, Melbourne's best Bloody Marys. Or a feast at one of Melbourne's best yum cha houses.

We've also rounded up the best sweet breakfasts around (think pancakes and waffles).

Paleo breakfasts in Melbourne? We've got 'em right here, plus the best vegetarian breakfasts in Melbourne and the healthiest pancakes we could get our paws on. We've tackled healthy breakfasts, superfood smoothies, breakfast salads, acai bowls, and porridge for the #cleaneaters, too!

We also loosened our belts to find the best big breakfasts in Melbourne to cure a mighty hunger. And for those with no waistline worries, here are the best croissants in Melbourne.

Our trusty contributor, Stephen, had a crack at whittling down the 10 best breakfasts in town. And have you checked out 25 of the most amazing Melbourne breakfasts you might not have tried?! If you're still not satisfied, check out our handy A-Z of the best breakfasts in Melbourne.

Don't worry, Listers, we haven't forgotten about the midday and midnight munchies either!



Is it a café; is it a deli? It's both, and we're heading straight to these awesome Melbourne multi-taskers. Fancy a spot of shopping with your short black? Camouflage cafes, people. Sun worshippers, check out our pick of the best Melbourne cafes with courtyards. And head here for the best cheap and tasty options in the CBD.

Love a bargain? Here are the best lunch deals in Melbourne.

We've also sought out Melbourne's best Paleo cafes, bike friendly cafes, and eateries with free wi-fi for you thrifty freelancers.

Want more? How about Melbourne's best pies, meatballs, or piping hot bowls of soup? We've also slurped bowl after bowl of pho and laska, to bring you Melbourne's best. And munched our bodyweight in salads and dumplings.

Love your pub grub? Do not pass go until you've had a gander at the 50 best pub meals in Melbourne! We've also hunted down the best parmas in Melbourne and the most sizzling steak nights.

We've munched stacks and stacks of sangas, too, to bring you the best Cubans, Reubens and toasties in town. What's goes with bread like a dream? Cheese. Get it here.

Oh, and who could forgot the 50 meals you should have eaten if you live in Melbourne?!

Impoverished students and bargain hunters, our cheap eats series is for you! So far we've tackled the 51 best cheap eats in Melbourne, plus our CBD, Fitzroy, St Kilda, St Kilda Road, and Chapel Street installments. The staple of every student? Souvlaki. Here are the best souvas in town.

Or, if you're more flush, you might want to consider our top picks for fine dining or degustation in Melbourne.

Dearest friends with intolerances, we've had you in mind! Our gluten-free stories have included the best pizza, breakfasts (south and northside), bread, porridge, and dinners! Plus we found some amazing allergy-friendly cafes!

The temperatures are rising at last and you know what that means. Fish and chips! Batter makes you fatter right? Fear not – here are some healthy options for nautical noshing.

We also took care of the leaf eaters with our round ups of the yummiest vegetarian meals, including pasta, vego fast food, and vegie burgers. Plus Melbourne's best vegan food.

However, as carnivorous consumers at TUL HQ, we also took great delight in finding Melbourne's best ribs, fried chicken, spag bol, burgers, and sliders. We also located the best destinations for Melbourne meat lovers, the spots to pick up a BBQ chook, plus the spots to indulge in a crack(l)ing Sunday roast, luscious lamb shanks and lamb dishes, and moreish pork belly. Oh. And here are the best burgers in Australia, from coast to coast. Plus the dude food that'll put some hair on your chest. Pair the meaty action with a side of Melbourne's best hot chips.

We went international, checking out the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne, plus selected our picks for Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican, Indian, Polish and French. Speaking of South American food, want to know where to get the tastiest ceviche? Hells yeah. you do! Oh, we donned our bibs and found some damn fine Korean BBQ, too!


Sweetie darlings, have we got a treat for you! Look no further than our best desserts round up, or perhaps you want a looksee at Melbourne's best ice-cream, gelato & froyo. Can't let go of the past? These retro desserts will put a smile on your dial, plus here are the milkshakes worth slurping.

From churros to lemon-curd-filled, we've got Melbourne's best doughnuts. Plus a round up of the dealers keeping our noses powdered (with cinnamon sugar!). We're talking about the best gourmet doughnuts in town.

If there's one thing Team TUL agree on, it's that peanut butter is ALWAYS a good thing. Here are our favourite dishes around town pumped full of peanut buttery goodness.

But maybe you're more into healthy desserts? Or these epic raw treats. Nom.

Finally, we've put our hearts on the line to find Melbourne's 50 best fat feeds. In need of a run after all that eating? Chase down the best food trucks in Melbourne. 

Phew, what a year. Stay tuned for our next instalment, but in the meantime... Dig in, Listers!


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