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10 Exhibitions To See In Melbourne This Month

By Jack Colquhoun - 01 Mar 2019

As the Melbourne warmer months continue to roll on, be sure to stay smart and stay in free air-conditioned places (besides work, of course). This includes any art galleries that might also have a wine or two for you to sip on while you stroll around.

And as luck would have it, we've done all the legwork for you this month and picked the most interesting art shows for you to see in March. So sit back, relax, and let the scrolling begin.

Hans and Nora Heysen: Two Generations Of Australian Art | NGV

Two Generations Of Australian Art is the first major exhibition of the father-daughter artistic duo Hans and Nora Heysen. With works spanning over a century, it highlights the transformation both socially, politically and artistically seen in Australia during these times. Many pieces within the collection have never before been exhibited, so it is a definite must-see.

What: Hans and Nora Heysen: Two generations of Australian Art
When: 8 March - 28 July
Where: NGV Australia, Federation Square
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Marco Luccio: New York Postcards | Fortyfive Downstairs

Returning to Fortyfive Downstairs for the third time, award-winning Marco Luccio features over 150 works of various forms composed on original postcards collected in New York. An exhibition over ten years in the making marks for a truly special exhibit. Clear your diary.

What: Marco Luccio: New York Postcards
When: 5 March - 30 March
Where: Fortyfive Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane
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Primitive Matter: Wonda Bae & Charlie Lawler | Backwards Gallery

The amazing artists from Loose Leaf Studio have explored the relationship between nature and humans in their latest exhibition Primitive Matter. This will be a wondrous exhibition of concept-driven art installations and nature being pushed to its limits showcased in ways we’ve never seen before.

What: Primitive Matter
Where: Backwards Gallery, 25 Easey Street, Collingwood
When: Friday 1 March - Sunday 10 March
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Stigma: Dismantled, Revealed | The Dax Centre

In this exhibition, 66 artworks have been exclusively curated by seven emerging and contemporary artists who have lived through the experience of mental health issues. The exhibition explores the stigma and stereotypes towards mental health that exists today, and conveys the self-stigma experienced by those living with mental health issues, as explored by the artists through their creations. An eye-opening experience for all.

What: Stigma: Dismantled, Revealed
When: 20 February - 7 June
Where: The Dax Centre,
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Brogla: Fever Dreams | Lamington Drive

Widely received for his street art and murals on the streets of New York, a pop-styled aesthetic Brogla’s first concentrated exhibition brings together painted originals, 3D installations and toy designs. Experimenting with hallucinations and reality by highlighting the overlooked items in our familiar and foreign surroundings—not one to miss.

What: Brogla: Fever Dreams
When: 6 March - 23 March
Where: Lamington Drive, 52 Budd Street Col
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Michael Cain: Scraps | BSIDE Gallery

No, it's not Bruce Wayne’s butler. Local artist Michael Cain presents a contemporary, vibrant solo exhibition inspired by a trip down memory lane and connecting to our own personal experiences. The pieces in the show serve as reminders to events in the past, “like nostalgic signposts to happy memories.” For a beautifully represented trip down memory lane, be sure to head to this one.

What: Michael Cain: Scraps
When: 6 March - 18 March
Where: BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick Street
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The Big Blue House Exhibition

A home turned into a one-night-only exclusive art exhibition featuring six uniquely different artists, combining artwork, photos an installation and music it will for sure to be a unique experience, to say the least. With live music and a bar complementing your evening of art—it’s an interesting one.

What: The Big Blue House Exhibition
When: Tuesday 5 March, 7 - 10 pm
Where: 11 Glenview Avenue, Malvern
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Andrew Vukosav: Longitude, Latitude, Solitude

Award-winning commercial photographer, Vukosav has combined the use of his trusty camera, a 182 Cessna plane and his passion for art creating a truly breath-taking depiction of the vast and diverse Australian landscape. All of which has been photographed while piloting his place across the country.

What: Andrew Vukosav: Longitude, Latitude, Solitude
When: Friday 1 March - Saturday 30 March
Where: Magnum and Queens Wine, 2/274 - 278 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
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Empire: Rone | Burnham Beeches

An artist that needs no introduction—one way or another, you have seen this man’s amazing artisan skills in play and his newest exhibition leaves nothing to the imagination. Transforming a mansion that has sat vacant for more than twenty years into 12 rooms of artistic amazement, truly something that has to be seen to be believed.

What: Empire – an installation by Rone
Where: Burnham Beeches, 1 Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke
When: Wednesday 6 March to Monday 22 April
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Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift | NGV

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift exhibition opens on Friday, 1 March and it is a sight to behold. More than 150 pieces by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and more are all showcased in this rare and exciting fashion exhibition. Best part? It’s totally free, so you’ve no excuse.

What: Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift Exhibition
Where: NGV Australia, Federation Square
When: Friday 1 March to Sunday 14 July
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Stretched for cash already? Here are a bunch of free things to do in Melbourne this month.

Image credit: 'Empire' by Rone | Supplied

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