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3 Skin-Saving Beauty Treatments You Need In Your Life

By Clare Acheson
20th Oct 2015

We might be preaching to the beauty-savvy choir, but lately we’ve been revisiting our skincare routine and have come to one conclusion: Prioritising your skin is one of the biggest beauty investments you can make. Yup, if you’re looking to focus on one area that will continue to pay off for years to come, tracking down the best facials in Melbourne and seeking out a skin clinic that’s science-led is the way to do it.

While there are heaps of surface-level treatments out there—some good (ie. natural clay masks), some bad (ie. anything with artificial fragrance or colouring in it…Oh god please no)—these techniques are only useful if you’ve got the long-lasting stuff locked in. We caught up with Melbourne skin clinic and all-round beauty experts, Avenue Advanced Skin Care, Windsor, to learn about the three top treatments you should be including in your routine for skin maintenance that will have you looking smooth, glowing and wrinkle-free for seasons to come.

#1: To keep pores tight and fight off wrinkles, add Dermapen skin needling to your routine.

If minimising fine lines, acne scarring, visible pores and uneven skin tone are on your beauty agenda, skin needling is an absolute must. The skin rejuvenation technique combines high-tech medical methodologies with a super-hydrating serum to give you incredible results. While needling has been on our radar for around a year, the latest technology—the Dermapen—is a fantastic new method of reinvigorating the skin and preventing, making it the perfect weekly treatment for a sustained, naturally healthy and wrinkle-free complexion.

Not only does Melbourne health and beauty clinic Avenue Advanced carry out the wonder treatment using the latest technology, their clinicians are medically trained, ensuring that your Dermapen session be carried out by an expert. And, if you’re keen to really treat your skin to a rejuvenation session, talk to them about a combined PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy, in which a super-rich solution of platelets and fibrins, aka. the good stuff, is injected into the skin) and Dermapen treatment. It’s pretty much the Rolls Royce of facials.

Looking for a pre-party season treatment that will have you glowing in no time? Book in for a Dermapen treatment with Windsor skin clinic Avenue Advance Skin Care and you will get a LED light therapy treatment that detoxifies the skin for free… Just mention The Urban List when you call 03 9521 5533 to book.

#2: For a pre-event skin boost, book in for a clinically approved, bespoke peel.

I know what you’re thinking: Skin peels = Danger. In fact, professional skin peels can be a fantastic way to give your complexion the boost in clarity that will really make the difference between looking good and looking great, right before a big event.

When it comes to finding the best skin peel in Melbourne, the most important three words are ‘clinically approved’ and ‘bespoke’. Medical-grade ingredients are a must, so make sure that whatever your salon is using is up to scratch. We love the CosMedix solutions that Avenue Advanced Skin Care swear by—the solutions don’t contain any artificial fragrances or unnecessary ingredients, which ensures that everything in your peel is there to maximise your skin’s potential.

As well as using top-quality products, Windsor facialists Avenue Advanced create bespoke peels that are designed to suit your skin’s unique needs and concerns. A thorough consultation before any products are applied to your skin is essential, so come prepared to discuss what you want to maximise or reduce for that big event you’ve got lined up. This way, you’ll get the most out of your peel… Hello, all-round Insta-worthy skin!

#3: Fill in the gaps with safe, natural-looking dermal fillers.

So, you’ve got that one brow furrow that just won’t budge. Or maybe you’ve seen your lip line disappear in recent years and want it back. High-grade, safe dermal fillers administered by a medically trained skin care professional are the ultimate solution to stubborn lines and wrinkles. The skin booster treatments smooth out problem areas, hydrate the dermal cells and plump your complexion, giving you instant, within-the-hour, results that leave you looking naturally more youthful.

At Avenue Advanced Skin Care, not only will you find incredible staff who work with the top equipment, you’ll also find expert advice on how the technique works and where to start with dermal fillers. The Melbourne skin clinic knows EXACTLY how to administer symmetrical filler treatments that won’t budge or leave you looking lop-sided after a few weeks, and that will nourish and hydrate the skin from the inside out.

If your beauty routine is already up to scratch and you’re ready to up your skin care game, call Avenue Advanced Skin Care on 03 9521 5533 and receive $100 off a hydrating skin booster treatment when you mention The Urban List. We love you, beauty buffs! And if you're looking for more awesome skincare offers, check out their profile here—we've got some exclusive deals we want to tell you about...

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White for The Urban List

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