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5 Fashion Podcasts You Need To Check Out ASAP

By Sophie Hodges
20th Aug 2018

Fashion moves fast, and quite frankly, keeping up can be a challenge. A very expensive and entertaining challenge. If you’re looking to max your knowledge of the farshun industry, but all that scrolling and reading makes your brain hurt, then a podcast is for you.

These are some of the hottest fashion podcasts online right now. Happy listening.

The Barney's Podcast

Yep, Barney's has a podcast. Season one of the luxury retailer's podcast has not disappointed either. It's focussed around one-on-one convos between Barneys execs and top creative minds in the worlds of fashion, design, art, and media. Chatting about why they do what they do, how they got there, and (hopefully) how you can too. 

4.P.M. at Fashionista 

4.P.M at Fashionista has been on a bit of a hiatus since they dissected the 2018 Met Gala, and to be honest, I’m not all that happy about it. These girls are seriously funny, and know their fashion. Discussing the latest trends, gossip and runways, 4.P.M at Fashionista will give you a broad intro to the fashion industry, skating over a big range of topics. Make sure you put Episode 10: The State of Streetwear with Emily Oberg on the top of your list. It's a cracker. 

Fat Mascara 

Okay, so technically it’s beauty, but I’m making the list and therefore the rules. Fat Mascara is a must-listen. Hosted by good friends Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, it's a weekly podcast that brings you all the important news in beauty (plus a lil fashion, and a lil life advice). Consistently ranked as the #1 beauty and fashion podcast on iTunes, the girls share their beauty adventures and mishaps, and each week they get advice from industry influencers like Miranda Kerr, Emily Weiss, Bobbi Brown, just to name a few. Read more about the girls here.

The Glossy Podcast 

The Glossy Podcast engages in totally unfiltered convos about how technology is transforming our fashion industry, with the people making those changes happen. Guests discuss the complexity of navigating the digital space in regards to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Notable peeps include Good American CEO Emma Grede and Nordstorms VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim. 

Gucci Podcast

I think we can all agree that Alessandro Michele is on top of his game at the moment. The Gucci Podcast is all about the creative director and his recent collabs, giving you a bit of a glimpse into the inner workings of one of the world's biggest fashion houses. 

Image credit: Andre Hunter 

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